Leveraging CEH v12 Credential For Enhancing Career Growth
Leveraging CEH v12 Credential For Enhancing Career Growth
Ethical Hacking is true of the best career to choose for comprehensive opportunities for growth.

Ethical hackers are specialists in information security who have got the training to find and resolve the threats present in the networks and execute the evaluation of security to prevent the digital infrastructure of an organization from data breaches. Ethical Hacking is true of the best career to choose for comprehensive opportunities for growth. Certified ethical hackers have various designations available in cyber security; their main function is important for testing and protecting the assets of an organization. Ethical hackers gain the skills in the same strategies, approaches, and processes that malicious or potential hackers use to infiltrate the systems of an organization via a constant, methodical procedure that identifies vulnerabilities. They find them and exploit weaknesses.


Information related to CEH Certification Program: 

CEH is bifurcated into 20 modules and is designed cautiously through a scalable training plan which has a duration of five days. With the development via training, every module has comprehensive practical lab elements which enable candidates to work on the process and techniques showcased in the program in the actual time frame and on genuine machines. 

For mastering the core of ethical Hacking, these 20 modules are designed which help you make yourself ready for the CEH Certification exam. 


What is the Certified Ethical Hacker v12?

The Certified Ethical Hacker v12 exam is managed by the EC-Council and is an international cybersecurity certification offered by Cisco. The exam trains you in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to identify security issues on systems, networks, and applications. It also helps you audit and investigate an organization’s cyber security posture by testing your skills and knowledge of the 70+ topics in the exam syllabus. The EC-Council’s CEH certification is a globally recognized mark of expertise in cybersecurity. It is one of the most comprehensive and advanced certifications available in the cybersecurity field. To become a Certified Ethical Hacker, you must pass a certification exam and a certification process. During this certification process, you undergo a series of training, assessments, and courses to prove your cybersecurity knowledge.

Factors to consider before starting preparing for the CEH v12 certification exam:

  • The rising demand for CEH

  • Career growth in CEH

  • Key responsibilities as CEH expert

  • Skills needed to build CEH as a career


Ethical Hacking - 5 phases to understand: 

Certified Ethical Hacker Version 12 is the extensive program of cybersecurity available, which not just balances the depth and breadth to gain knowledge but also helps in acquiring the skills needed to be an Ethical Hacker. This is the reason why CEH v12 possesses uniqueness when we compare it to the rest of the credentials from other industries. It offers an extensive practical understanding of 5 phases based on Ethical Hacking across numerous technologies of the present digital-driven era. Understanding these five phases is crucial for Ethical Hacking for any company; as you will understand it more, you will know how an Ethical Hacker executes its tasks to safeguard the digital infrastructure of an organization.

  • Reconnaissance is referred to as the initial phase, where the attacker attempts to get information prior to attacking the targeted system. 

  • Scanning uses various tools to gather the data of networks, websites, or file systems to find out the threat. 

  • Receiving the access means the attacker gets access to the targeted system, whether it is a network or a system. 

  • To maintain access is also known as persistence. This enables the attacker to constantly access the target, no matter if the machine is rebooted or the user is not available on the system. 

  • Covering Your Tracks once you gain target access, abolishing all artifacts is essential to make sure that you, the attacker, leave no rough outs. This consists of deleting log files and deleting any tools or applications script that have been configured on the target. 


How is it going to benefit you? Knowing in-depth and applying these 5 phases related to Ethical Hacking helps you get ready to start with the mindset of an Ethical Hacker to make sure you and your company can not be a victim. 


Ethical Hacking (CEH v12) Certification Advantages: 

If you're wondering about the professional benefits of ethical hacking certification, we're here to help. Below we have mentioned those benefits that will help you know about Ethical Hacking. 


Boost your Risk & Threats analysis understanding: 

The main benefit of an ethical hacking credential is that you better know about the threats and risks of various IT systems. It can definitely be a challenge for someone to know the vulnerabilities of your data and networking system without knowing the threats and risks involved.

Going ahead with the CEH EC-Council certification can make you know the mindset of the hacker and how a hacker inspects your IT systems and networks prior to making an attack. So just going through each course can enable you with a thorough understanding of the same and make sure you should find one path ahead of a potential hacker. 


Not Just For Pen Testers:

Another advantage of the Ethical Hacking certification v12 is that they are not limited to those with penetration testing experience. The same tracking will not help you with penetration testing, as it can also be performed by experts experienced in cyber security.

CEH-certified networking professionals can definitely handle well-developed cybersecurity domains and offer best-in-class services. It will be helpful for you to get real-world insights that can help protect your network data from all types of threats and potential attacks. 


Mindset of a Hacker: 

The next major advantage of a new version of the ethical hacking certificate is that it gives you an edge in front of hackers. Yes, passing CEH v12 training will give you a clear idea and knowledge about getting access to networks and systems related to information technology. You have to make your mindset like a hacker to know the methods they opt to master the system that can help you protect your security in all terms.

If you can have a mindset like a hacker, you can hone your skills to select an approach that will help you advance in the domain and make sure that no attack can happen on your systems. This is how you can help and offer the best skills to all areas of your business and ensure that their systems are safe from cybercriminals. 


The largest benefit one can reap through the new version of ethical hacking certification is that they give you the best odds. Professional cybersecurity experts' demand is rising with each passing day. CEH certification can definitely increase the opportunity of getting a job at the company of your dreams. But first, you have to pass the CEH exam to increase the possibility of the best opportunities in your career and reap the best results in your career. 

CEH v12 is an advanced version of a certified IT security course that provides a quick outline of what hackers typically do to defend against certain malicious attacks.


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