Know The Case Study Archival Ethics By The Best Professional Experts
Know The Case Study Archival Ethics By The Best Professional Experts
These case studies are based on actual events. They speak to one or more of the topics covered by the Code of Ethics for Archivists:

These case studies are based on actual events. They speak to one or more of the topics covered by the Code of Ethics for Archivists: using professional judgment when performing fundamental archival tasks, safeguarding the veracity of records, granting access to and making use of records, developing trustworthiness in archivists' conduct, professional relationships with donors or users, and privacy concerns.

Utilizing archival material increases the validity and dependability of case study research, produces new hypotheses about business networks, and gives longitudinal data. As a result, the value of archive research goes beyond its conventional function as a foundation for historical studies that play a crucial role in case study help archival ethics for business and economic history.

What Are The Different Types Of Case Studies And Case Study Topics?

There are various subcategories that fall under the broader category of case study, and each is specifically chosen for use in accordance with the goals and/or objectives of the investigator. These case study topics types consist of the following:

  • Illustrative Case Studies Are Primarily Descriptive In Nature: Usually, they use one or two instances of an occurrence to illustrate how a condition is. Illustrative case studies primarily familiarise the unknown and provide readers with a common language regarding the under-discussion subject.

  • Exploratory Case Studies: These streamlined case studies were carried out prior to starting a thorough study. Prior to the primary study, they provide the basic purpose of assisting with question identification and measurement type selection. The main drawback of this kind of research is that preliminary results could seem compelling enough to be announced as conclusions too soon.

  • Case Studies That Added Together: These are used to combine data from several websites collected over time. These studies are based on the theory that compiling prior research will enable more generalization without requiring additional resources or time for brand-new, potentially redundant experiments.

  • Case Studies Of Critical Instances: These look at one or more locations in order to explore a specific scenario of interest while showing little to no interest in generalizability or contest or refuting a generalized or universal claim. For addressing cause and effect queries, adopt this approach.

A Few Steps For Choosing Case Study Topics For MBA Students:

  • One should take into account a number of crucial factors while choosing a theme. They will make your job easier and assist you in selecting an important study topic. Look for uncommon circumstances, occurrences, and subjects for research. It’s possible that descriptions of common cases don't always provide fresh details. For a case study, it is, therefore, preferable to select extraordinary situations. An excellent source and foundation for case studies are unusual cases.

  • Explicitly state your query from a never-before-seen angle Case study topics are intended to offer novel solutions to long-standing challenges or to reframe previously researched topics. Your work must have a real-world application in some form. The situation-case analysis, evaluation of suggested algorithms, and optimum algorithm selection are your tasks.

  • Your case study should provide recommendations for preventing similar incidents. A suitable case study sample could be something like this: You are researching the situation where a serviceman with post-traumatic stress disorder destroyed his family. You discover a causal relationship between the abrupt return of a soldier from the battlefield to society without the necessary assistance of experts during the study process. As a result, the troops became psychologically isolated from their families and from one another. Your study should contribute to the development of strategies to keep military families with PTSD from disintegrating.

  • Your subject should be worthwhile for subsequent research. Future studies may be able to build on your work. Let's say you are a medical student. Your lecturer has requested you write a case study. You selected a variety of subjects and developed an interest in a little-researched illness that affects individuals in a particular area. You can use a particular person's symptoms of this condition as the foundation for your study.

  • You will research the patient's medical background and discuss the patient's symptoms in your paper. This study will serve as a catalyst for further investigation into the geographic area where patients are most frequently recognized and for the search for a connection between place and affection. Long-term, this will aid in the discovery of alternate treatments for the disease. 

What Are Some Good Case Study Topics For College Students?

Environmental Science: In order to solve environmental issues, environmental science education is crucial. The use of environmental management systems is one of the most efficient strategies to lessen and prevent the environmental effects of industrial activity. Case Studies are one way of teaching managers environmental competence. The development of skills and abilities to address particular issues in the field of environmental management is the aim of eco-management education, as stated from the perspective of a practice-oriented learning paradigm.

The Following Subjects Are Available:

  • Metals in the vicinity of schools
  • investigation of how pollutants from motor vehicles affect pine trees' linear growth
  • study of the home's ecological environment
  • road transportation emissions' effects on vegetation

Practical Physics: Human development has always been cantered on physics. Humanity's discoveries and innovations are founded on the rules of physics. In applied physics, a case study is a potent instrument for reaching real-world objectives. You can pick one of the following subjects to analyse:

  • Stellar wind, coronal activity, and flares from stars.
  • Nanophotonic and nanostructure quantum optics.
  • laser-plasma processes and ultrafast systems.
  • Characteristics of the lightning discharge radiation emission into the ionosphere close to the equator.


The case study is crucial while writing a nursing dissertation in this field! In the context of medicine, it denotes a thorough examination of a particular patient's case. Such scenarios are encountered by nurses on a daily basis. With the use of this technique, it is possible to construct recommendations, reach precise findings, and apply theoretical abilities in a practical setting. A nursing case study's primary objective is to select a patient and look into his medical history. You create a study strategy based on the information gathered, and the last step is best practice. List of subjects

  • why it's important to moderate your body
  • Gum chewing: pro or con?
  • analysis of the glucose content of different juices.
  • Having a good diet as the foundation for a long life


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