Influencer Pod 101 : All that you need to know
Influencer Pod 101 : All that you need to know
To put it plainly, influencer pods are pods or cartels of influencers where influencers get together to promote each other, boost their engagement metrics and raise each other’s shares, retweets or likes.

Influencer Pod 101 : All that you need to know

By now, it is well established that influencer marketing works like a charm. But with every charm comes an unintended consequence. One such side kick is the rise of influencer pods – a broad technique used to describe how influencers inorganically enhance engagement rates through fake followers or/and cooking influencer metrics.

Influencer pods are confusing. A few influencers opine that they see positive results from working within influencer pods. However, the larger picture conveys that influencer pod activity is not adding any organic value, and side tracks the brand engaging with the influencer. It keeps the brand from knowing what actually goes on an influencer’s page.


What exactly are Influencer Pods?

Toput it plainly, influencer pods are pods or cartels of influencers where influencers get together to promote each other, boost their engagement metrics and raise each other’s shares, retweets or likes.

Experts from Influencer marketing services in Hyderabad, India opine that this is a result of demand and supply. Influencer marketing is the in-thing now and is proven to provide tremendous conversion value, making big and high paying brands look at social media influencers as promoters. Since the choice of an influencer depends on engagement metrics,influencers often “help” each other by operating through a closed, pod like modus operandi, where they communicate and raise each other’s like and posts.


Fakefollowers vs Influencer Pods

Well,while they may sound like they are the same idea, no. Influencer pods are real people with real accounts and potential just trying to go extra through mean snot so right.


Specialists from the best Influencer marketing services in India confirm that with practice, Fake followers are easy to spot. They usually have freshly created profiles with little or no content and incoherent posts. They are created by bots, agencies or individuals in the business of manufacturing profiles or follower counts.

Still, influencer pods are not desirable because they dilute authenticity of content in the terms of engagement. Everyone on the pod operates on a quid pro quo basis, and so there is engagement, but the engagement in itself is not very useful.


Detectingan Influencer Pod

Social media marketing services in Hyderabad explain that they can spot influencer pods by closely monitoring posts and comments within the sphere of influence and peer influencers. While choosing an influencer, close attention must be paid to this aspect as well, because influencer pods offers great metrics;great numbers but invaluable. 

Look for subtle signs like a single user commenting the same text or reply/reaction on multiple posts.

 Social media listening tools and artificial intelligence  have evolved to spot and take action on influencer pods. Instagram has modified its algorithm to shun influencer pods.Once you spot a pod, it is wise to stop recruiting influencers from within the pod since the whole purpose of collaborating with an influencer is lost.

Influencer Pods – Perks and Kickbacks:

It is not very difficult to tell that influencer pods are not very beneficial to brands. Social media marketing agencies look for and assess the value of an influencer through a detailed construction of engagement metrics, and when the influencer’s post do not engage followers who convert into value propositions for the brand, the influencer is not helping much. On the other hand, they do add some value for the influencers themselves.



·      It can serve as a platform where influencers can connect, share and exchange ideas

·      Influencers can mentor other new and upcoming influencers

·      It does provide increased visibility to the post – a flurry of activity from other influencers provides the post a greater sphere of influence, extending to their followers as well.



·      There is not content authenticity. While it is common for influencers to engage and support each other, pods sort of force the engagement, which is not organic.

·       Many social media channels, including Instagram are updating their algorithm to crack down on influencer pods.

·       It distorts engagement metrics by not providing the real picture of engagement with the targeted audience. This does not give the brand employing influencers a clear view of their goal and achievement within the campaign.

Experts from the best Social media marketing company in Hyderabad advise that influencer pods activity is not encouraged. The influencers indulging in such activity are even at a high risk of not being considered.

Clean,engaging, authentic content and organic growth has always stood the test of time and algorithmic changes. If there is one trait that can attract users, itis authenticity. Choosing influencers who engage in nefarious social media activity might hurt the brands reputation. However, if the influencer has a proven track record, it is wise to communicate the brands concerns about the influencer being a part of a pod.