Choose a topic

- The topic you are going to write about is fundamental for a successful blog. Look at it this way - it took me over 3 hours to write this post, separately over 1 hour then it takes spreading across different channels and the time you spend talking to people. To put it another way - the topic has to be something you're passionate about, find interesting and don't force yourself to do it otherwise you'll never have time for it. That's why over the years I've expanded the topics I write about, because I don't always want to just talk about cosmetics. If you have different interests, then break them down into categories so your readers can more easily navigate.

Choose a name | Buy a domain

- I didn't think long about what name my blog should have, because back in 2012 I noticed a trend that later turned out to be the right strategy - the nickname was giving way to the real name. A lot of people I followed back then, like, who was kind of pixi... ala bala, changed it to her real name a year or two after that, and to date most bloggers are like that. The reasons I think are twofold. First it's harder to build branding around a name that isn't yours and it's harder to teach people who's behind it. The second is that they more easily associate what you do with who you are if you use your real name. For years I've gotten the question why Atanasov - the answer is a few paragraphs further down. When choosing a name be sure to do some google research and see what comes up on the rankings.

- Next is the first mistake I would correct if I started my blog now - getting a domain earlier. I generally procrastinated out of fear and thought it was too complicated. But all in all it's a 5 min job, it ensures that your blog has a unique name and it gives you the security that you won't have to change it one day because someone already took it from you. I bought my domain from, putting a link for a useful article on the subject from them.  The support is ironclad and answers even the most idiotic questions, that's why I like them.

Choose a platform

- unlike now, when I do research on everything, I obviously didn't put much search on the topic then, because I chose the first one that came up on google when I typed buy a research paper. Naturally blogger came up first for me because it's part of the google portfolio. I like it and I still use it, but definitely since I'm actively working with wordpress I would have preferred to have done it on it. It gives you a lot more freedom, has more developments and plug-ins. It's better overall. If you're totally lame at computer stuff I recommend site builder, which makes it easy to arrange your blog and make it beautiful without needing html.

Choose a design

- The right design makes a big difference to the quality experience of your reader. So far I have changed the design of my blog 3 times, my previous two themes were free and this one is paid. The difference is not much, even if you dig deeper in the vast internet space you can find super themes for no money. Again if I had chosen wordpress my choice of design would have been bigger.

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