How to Crack MPPSC Exam in First Attempt ?
How to Crack MPPSC Exam in First Attempt ?
If we talk about preparation first question arise how to prepare and which is best mppsc coaching . Here is the step-by-step road map for MPPSC preparation

How to Crack MPPSC in First Attempt?

Crack MPPSC in First Attempt

Let me start by saying – One’s 1st attempt should be one’s BEST attempt.

To crack one of the most challenging exams in the country, you need to plan your preparation from the very beginning. Being in the second year of college, you can study and marvel at each subject religiously. But remember, the time you have for the exam should be of benefit to you, not of loss. Let's say, 'I still have a lot of time left' approach like this never affects your level of focus.

Now let's talk about preparation. Here is the step-by-step road map for MPPSC preparation –

Step 1: Know the exam structure

MPPSC exam is conducted in three phases –

Phase 1: Preliminary Examination (Objective)

Phase 2: Main Examination (Subjective)

Phase 3: Interview (Vocal)

There are 2 papers in prelims -

Paper - I

Paper II

Paper I tests you on General Studies and Paper II tests you on Aptitude.

There are 6 papers in Mains -

Paper I (General Studies I)

Paper II (General Studies II)

Paper III (General Studies III)

Paper IV (General Studies IV)

Paper V (General Hindi)

Paper VI (Hindi Essay)

Step 2: Understand the entire syllabus

Once you go through the syllabus and have a clear idea about it, start with the basics. NCERT and ICSE books are a great start. Understand the concepts and then move on to more popular and prescribed books as per the topics.

Step 3: Preparation for General Studies

Since the official syllabus does not give much detail of the subjects to be studied under each subject, they are expected to acquire knowledge which should be slightly below graduation level but above high school level. Any candidate who has a good grasp on General Studies can be sure of a good position in his/her examination.

Prepare for prelims and mains together. Do not forget to leave the Mains preparation till the end. The time after the Preliminary Examination should be spent covering the missed topics along with the special revision of the Main Examination. Make revision mppsc notes for your last time preparation.

Step 4: Read The Hindu (along with other newspapers) religiously

You must devote time daily to study Hindu. Read, focus, amalgamate and note down relevant information. Keep a separate notebook or sheet for the material taken from The Hindu. You must watch my classes on Youtube it will come in handy when the exam is approaching. Apart from The Hindu, the following magazines should also be mentioned-

  • Plan
  • Kurukshetra
  • MPPSC Times
  • practical
  • science reporter
  • frontline

Step 5: Selection and Preparation with good mppsc coaching to Qualify MPPSC in First Attempt

Selecting the most popular and reputed institute may help you in your mppsc preparation because the institute which is reputed will not cheat you as to maintain their status in market. Before joining a MPPSC Coaching in indore you should gather the information about the institute it’s selected candidates in psc exam, faculties, facilities etc will help you to short list the perfect coaching for you.

Choose a mppsc coaching because you think it will be best for you and not because it is 'popular' or chosen by the 'toppers' of previous years.

Step 6: Read the previous year question papers

By going through the last five years question papers (at least 5 years) you will be familiar with the questions asked in the exam and this will boost your strategy to crack MPPSC in the first attempt.

Here you have to understand one thing that MPPSC will never repeat a question.

So don't confuse the questions. It won't be of any use. What's of use is that the 'type' of the question can be repeated. Reading the previous year papers will help you understand the scope of questions asked. So when you study different subjects, you will keep this in mind. Civil Services Exam is not just about hard work. It is a combination of both hard work and smart work.

Step 7 - Enroll yourself in a test series

Once you have a good grasp on a large section of the syllabus, enroll in a good test series. Attempt regular mock tests. Also, you are expected to go through at least five years previous question papers in detail.

Remember you don't need to go to Delhi to crack MPPSC.

There are many online test series available. If you have mock test facility in your city, good. If not, enroll yourself online. The key here is to practice as much as you can. Sharma Academy MPPSC Test Series is the best in MP.

Step 8: Practice writing answers- Increase your chances of cracking MPPSC in the first attempt.

One of the most effective ways to crack the mains exam is to practice answer writing. I am saying this from my own experience and wish to try it on you too.

There are 2 benefits of practicing answer writing -

  • helps you remember GK concepts in the exam.
  • Helps you with time management.

A candidate should develop the art of writing good and concise answers so that the examinee can understand them clearly. Crisp and 'to the point' answers will ensure that you get a fair score.

The above strategy will help you to crack MPPSC in the very first attempt.