How I Got a First Class in EVERY Essay at University | The Best Essay Technique
How I Got a First Class in EVERY Essay at University | The Best Essay Technique
In this post, I showed you the entire workflow process of actually how to go from a blank page to a first-class essay.

In this post I showed you my entire workflow process of actually how to go from a blank page to a first-class essay in part two of the post i showed you guys exactly what to include in each section of your essay and now in part three we're going to be talking about how to actually put the final bits of icing on the cake to really get you those top marks so in this post I’ll be giving you guys six different tips that i highly recommend you guys use in order to finally get those top marks in your university essays so without further ado let's go ahead and get started so the first tip that.

I really want to tell you guys is that if you want to get the top grades in university essays originality is key now of course if you're in your first or maybe even your second year of university what you really need to do is be able to take different papers different scientific papers and then put them all together to write your own essay and obviously because you're just starting off your scientific career you may not be able to give that much originality in your essays but certainly. When you move on to your final year or your third year in biomedical science or whatever degree you're studying. Many students who are struggling with their students want service providers like hnc assignment help so they can order their services online.

When they'll definitely expect you to have a lot more originality in writing your essays you'll be expected to be able to critically analyze the literature and also be able to come up with your own strong opinions and justifications on why you believe something about the topic that you're writing about again you'll be expected to be able to actually critique different papers be able to actually take a paper look in that paper open it up and say okay why did the actual authors use this particular scientific method why did.

Essay at University:

They perform these particular experiments what was the problem with the actual work they performed and be able to take it that step further to produce your own work produce your own originality obviously starting off with. The concepts that you got from different scientific papers but then taking a step above and producing your own opinions your own judgments and also your own work as well and by the way if you guys want an exact example of how i've critiqued my first class essays i'll leave a link down below in. The description for my ebook on a specific example of a paper that i critique in university so that's the first tip let's move on.

I want to tell you guys about is actually how to critique your own essay now one thing that. I really believe is the people who get top marks in their essays and not just the people who just sat down write an essay maybe read it once or twice and submitted it straight away it's people who actually know how to critically analyze their own essay and making sure that it's. The best essay that can possibly be so. The actual method i'll give you guys is what. I was suggested in university one of my actual university lecturers and professors actually told me this key method that i've been using since day one.

Written out the essay:

The method that. I use to actually review my essays is once i've actually written out the essay what i'll do is i'll click save i'll put it onto my desktop and i will not touch that essay for at least two days so i'll do other things let you not open it up at all and two days later i'll come back to my essay with a fresh pair of eyes having forgotten what you know mostly what i've written and actually critique my essay as if. I was critiquing someone else's essay and after that two or three days’ time what i realized is that.

I do spot some really key mistakes i made maybe there's a problem with structure maybe it's just. The grammar but having that kind of period of refreshment period to just forget about what you wrote can really make. The difference between a two one and also first class essay. The second way that. I also review my own essays is that when i come back to it's two days later what i'll also do is read it out loud now this is something that.

Type on the paper:

I think oftentimes. When we're writing essays and we really want to get a first class we really want to do very well we have this thing in our head that it has to be perfect and everything that we type on. The paper has to be the best thing possible and that's not entirely correct and that's not entirely right and that actually might stop you from being able to even write your essay so bear in mind.

The fbi principle and then once you make your first draft that's. When you can then look at it and say how do. I now take this from a 2 1 or 2 2 to a first class let's actually analyze what i've written let's maybe send to my friends send us my lecturers and now convert this into a first class essay so bear in mind. The fbi principle don't be too hard on yourself.

When you actually start writing your essays and once you finally write. The first draft then you can focus on perfection and making it perfect now when. I review essays for people the first thing that i also think about is has this person used figures have. They used tables that are applicable to their work now figures are such an easy thing that you can add to your essay that can really give you a lot more marks.

some complex topics:

Whenever i'm reading someone's essay and they've just spent 500 words explaining some complex topic that could have been completely explained by one simple figure. I always think to myself you know why they not just find a very good valid and scientific figure just to add to their work and in my last degree i was always told that if you want to get.

The top grade you definitely have to include a figure so. When you're actually writing work do think to yourself you know is it worth spending 500 words explaining this topic or could. I just include a figure to then talk about to make my work look one more professional more attractive and finally also help to add to the scientific kind of nature of my work by using a correct figure so. When you're reading scientific papers any sort of paper.

Show hard work:

It's also going to show hard work so think about what sort of figures. You can add to your work and then take it a step further and make it even better. When you're writing about it in your essay and the final tip i have for you guys when writing any sort of coursework is to try and make it as attractive as possible now i know trying to make your work look attractive kind of sounds a bit weird it doesn't.

You know really sound right but often times. When someone is actually critiquing your work and looking at work you'll straight away think has this person actually put in the effort to make this content of work look attractive and think about it if. You go to the library and. You pick up a book the first thing you'll judge is the cover the first thing you'll judge is how attractive does book look to me what does the title look like is the actual content you know nice?

Structured of Essay:

There figures inside does it look and is it structured actually quite well these are key things that the examiner will look at and will be biased towards and. They will straight away say does this look like a first-class paper or does it not and I’ve actually written down a few things that. You guys should think about it. When thinking about how attractive is your work the first thing to think about is does my work need a title page for example in my dissertation it was a 20 000 word dissertation. Similarly when my friend is struggling with his thesis then he take thesis writing help uk from experts of uk.

I had a front title page with my university logo. There and also and the title and everything like that so title page can make it look a lot more attractive secondly the figures need to be in the right place um with a correct figure legend as well again they will look at your figures and say is this figure legend correct have they used the correct font the correct format all of those things definitely add points to your essay and then finally.

Add a contents page:

You might also want to add a contents page for example again my dissertation was super long and I added a content space to make it look more professional and also. You may want to add page numbers as well so page numbers in the corners may also add attraction and that sounds really good but make your work look a lot more attractive also again make sure that it is structured very well again if you're an example.


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