How Does Full Stack Development Stand Out From The Crowd?
How Does Full Stack Development Stand Out From The Crowd?
"The title full-stack developer refers to developers who are experts in both back-end and front-end technologies."

How Does Full Stack Development Stand Out From The Crowd?


Technically speaking, it is not an industry standard. It is a skill evolution aspect. A full-stack developer is always trying to learn open-source technologies so that he or she can apply them in his or her job. Full stack development is a minimal combination of the following things.


  • A full-stack developer should be able to deploy, optimize, and automate web applications in addition to building them comfortably.

  • Full Stack Development is a broad search (BFS)

If you've studied graph theory, you've probably come across graph traversal algorithms. Every computer science student is familiar with them.


  • BFS (Breadth First Search) 

  • DFS (Depth First Search) 


I'm going to make an analogy here that compares full-stack development to other specializations in terms of technology and field traversal.


  1. BFS is a traversal algorithm that first visits all adjacent nodes to a root node before digging deeper.


  1. DFS is a traversal algorithm that first reaches the maximum depth of the first child node, then returns and restarts the process from the second child.

How should your education be structured? What's better, DFS or BFS?

The answer is a matter of personal preference. A Ph.D. student prefers depth first learning because it allows them to focus on a single unit at a time. However, today, as a working software professional, you don't have the luxury of time to build, test, and fix things. Consulting is a simple choice for corporations, but startups cannot create a hundred roles for a hundred different things.


Full stack development is a breadth-first learning approach in which you first learn how to operate things and then work to deepen your knowledge through continuous work. We used this BFS in school by studying multiple subjects at the same time. This method isn't particularly new. Explore the top full stack software development course to master programming skills. 


What exactly is a full-stack developer?

Full stack development is a relative term that is far from ideal. As a wavelength range in a color spectrum, the skills required to obtain the title of full stack developer can vary depending on the requirements. However, I believe that a developer can become a successful full-stack developer if he is:


  • Capable of working with CSS and JS (Media queries, Single page applications & DOM, ES6). 

  • Knows how to use time-saving tools such as Grunt, Gulp, and Browserify.

  • Understands at least one web framework (Django or Node JS).

  • I spent significant time working with SQL and NoSQL (MySQL, MongoDB). Can effectively model relationships and use advanced queries and SQL joins.

  • Understands how to deploy code on AWS EC2 using Apache2 or Nginx as a web server. Should be familiar with Docker and virtualization.

  • Can create a web application from start to finish using many loosely coupled components. Should be bold enough to propose architectural changes if his reasoning is sound.

  • Choose a simple good solution and constantly improve it.

  • With Chef or Ansible knowledge, you can automate release cycles. Logging and failure retrieval should be automated.

  • Basic knowledge of hybrid mobile app development with JS, Chrome extensions, and progressive web apps is required.


What are the benefits of Full Stack Development?

Why should one stretch his arms for full-stack development when so many other options exist? For starters, it forces you to learn new things constantly. Technology is rapidly changing, and staying with the same job for an extended time may limit your career options. You are more valuable to a team and can evaluate decisions on any topic. Second, the position pays more. Your salary is likely to be substantial if you are a full-stack developer.

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