Cisco developer program
Cisco announces software innovations designed to simplify network management and protection. As organizations move towards digital transformation and IT departments focus on innovation, Cisco offers new artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to respond to these digitization and innovation challenges through network insight.

Cisco also introduces innovative solutions that enable users and applications to be more effectively managed across the entire corporate network, from campus and WAN to data centers and the IoT edge.

According to the consultancy 451 Research, almost two-thirds of organizations say that their IT departments have a greater workload. In turn, IT must provide great digital experiences in a hugely competitive environment. Aligning the needs of the company with its available resources requires innovative automation and analytics tools, based on data and optimized by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


As a leader in networking and security, Cisco has built one of the best-verified and context-rich telemetry data sets in the industry. Now, the company takes advantage of new software capabilities designed to use unidentified and aggregated data, which when combined with its 35 years of knowledge in building networks on a global scale, results in smarter solutions that help IT teams to operate more effectively. New capabilities include:

More visibility. No two networks are the same. The environments are always changing. Cisco continually collects relevant local network data and correlates it with the aggregated data telemetry set to create highly customized network base guides. These foundation guides are constantly learning and adapting as the number of devices, users, and applications evolve, and as environments change.

More information. Network complexity has grown beyond the human scale of processing. Cisco uses machine learning to correlate the vast amount of data coming from the network with personalized guides to discover the problems that will have the greatest impact on the network, alerting IT departments. It also discovers trends and patterns, helping administrators to identify problems proactively.

Guided actions. Cisco uses machine reasoning algorithms and automated workflows to carry out the logical troubleshooting steps that an engineer would perform. This helps IT detect problems and vulnerabilities, analyze the root cause, and accelerate corrective actions.

"As the pace of change and the diversity of the environment evolve rapidly, Cisco is committed to continually simplifying our solutions," said Scott Harrell, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Networks at Cisco.“ Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help organizations efficiently discern which topics to prioritize, becoming more agile and proactive. This will have a great effect on network operations and the IT teams that carry them out. At Cisco, we are redefining the future of our networks and workforce through automation and intelligence."

Reducing complexity with multi-domain networking

To help organizations simplify the unprecedented complexity of IT, Cisco is creating an intent-based architecture that spans all domains of the intent-based network: campus, branch, WAN, IoT , data center and Cloud. Cisco offers solutions optimized to meet the specific needs of each of these network domains. Today, Cisco announces new integrations, providing users with a consistent and secure experience no matter where, when, or how they connect. New integrations make end-to-end easy:

Network segmentation. Cisco SD-Access integration with Cisco SD-WAN and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) enables IT departments to authorize, include, and segment users and devices consistently and easily across campus, branch, and data center networks and Cloud, even when users and applications change. Due to this segmentation, IT teams can protect businesses from unauthorized access to sensitive data and critical applications.

Application experience. Cisco automatically transmits application requirements between the data center and the WAN, allowing the network to select the best route and prioritize traffic, even as applications move or change. This helps IT teams dynamically increase application performance across the enterprise and across branch offices.

Integrated security. As a leader in cybersecurity, Cisco is leveraging its security innovations across all domains. By expanding the ability to detect hidden threats in encrypted traffic to public clouds and protect branch offices and the WAN from threats, Cisco provides the end-to-end security customers need.

The Cisco ecosystem drives innovation

As the network becomes increasingly programmable, the Cisco developer and partner ecosystemit is key to driving innovation. To help organizations keep up with the unstoppable pace of change, Cisco DevNet - the company's developer program - offers community-supported resources to make network technology adoption easier and more accessible. Offered: machine learning and artificial intelligence resources for developers, including use cases and resources to get started with new applications; Cisco DevNet Automation Exchange, which contains a code repository for all tiers of network automation use cases; as well as the Cisco DNA Center Platform, which helps network professionals and software developers create new applications and integrations.

Availability, licenses and services

Cisco AI Network Analytics will be a standard part of Cisco DNA Center Assurance and will be available in the next release of Cisco DNA Center, available in Summer 2019. Cisco AI Network Analytics will be included in the Cisco DNA Advantage software license tier.

Multi-domain integrations will be available with the next release of Cisco DNA Center, available in Summer 2019. These integrations will be included in the Cisco DNA Advantage software license level.

Cisco Customer Experience for Solutions Cisco DNA accelerates the deployment of the latest intent-based networking solutions, reducing risk and disruption. The Cisco Customer Experience portfolio of services provides expert guidance, best practices, and innovative tools to help organizations evolve with greater ease and confidence. This also allows them to innovate faster, strengthen their competitiveness, extract more value and obtain a faster ROI.

Cisco is updated ! As of February 24, 2020, the structure of your Cisco certifications and courses will change and Spoto will be part of this change. Do you want to know what the updates will be? Here we explain what the next changes and the new certification will be.