10 Common Mistakes students should avoid in Preparation for MPPSC Exam
10 Common Mistakes students should avoid in Preparation for MPPSC Exam
Here we are indicating few mistakes which students generally do while preparation of mppsc exam, they should avoid them for their success.

10 Common Mistakes students should avoid in Preparation for MPPSC Exam

Are you preparing for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Exam this year? If yes, then you should avoid some common mistakes to crack it and pave the way for a bright future.

MPPSC bring  sopport unities for thousands of candidates to get their dream government job and join state services as State Civil Service (Deputy Collector), State Police Service (Dy. Superintendent of Police), State Accounts Service, CTO, Naib Tehsildar etc. This year 2020, it has 235 vacancies, but the number of applications exceed smore than 2 lakhs.

To beat the competition, you have to work hard and cunningly with dedication. Along with this, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid while preparing for MPPSC exam. This will help you gain an edge over other candidates.

MPPSC Exam Preparation: general mistakes to avoid

  • Read newspaper daily, if by chance you are not able to read your study material, still I will suggest you to ready newspaper daily. Hindu is the best newspaper I have ever read.
  • Try to listen daily debate on Rajya Sabha TV, it will help you to write mains exam and will update you daily happenings in detail.
  • Most important, try to avoid negative minded people as much as possible, like relatives.
  • Try to give some of your time in entertainment, which will help to keep your mind refresh.
  1. Concise Study material
    Keep your study material very concise and revise them as much as possible. Don't read multiple books for 1 topic, read one book (standard) in multiple times. Like for modern history only spectrum is enough and more than sufficient, don't waste your time in reading Bipin Chandra.

  2. Not having a plan or strategy
    To crack MPPSC exam it is necessary to have a proper plan with a time-table. Since the syllabus is long and intensive, you will have to take mock tests and solve question papers. If you do not have a plan, you will be confused and do not study smartly. Make sure you set goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  1. Not working on plans
    This is the most common mistake made by every aspirant. Everyone plans for study and preparation. But when it comes to proper execution, things are not planned. Success comes with well-executed plans.

  2. Taking Mock Tests Lightly
    Many students work hard, choose reliable MPPSC coaching in Indore and other cities of Madhya Pradesh, refer to the best books, but do not take mock tests seriously. This is another common mistake that makes efforts futile. Mock tests are essential for almost every government examination today to understand weaknesses, strengths and improvement areas. You cannot improve anything until you can measure it. The mock test measures your level of preparation before appearing in the MPPSC exam. If you are skipping the mock test for the last minute, avoid it and start now.

  3. Ignoring Previous Years Papers
    Previous years question papers have a lot of potential for MPPSC exam candidates. These question papers help you to understand the pattern and trends about the exam and give an idea about the questions coming in the exam.
    If you ignore the previous year’s question papers, then you will be less prepared for the exam. In this competitive scenario, you cannot be less prepared. Expert faculty and Best MPPSC online coaching and MPs best tutors in Indore highly recommend that you have to solve at least the last five years question papers. While you are studying the entire syllabus, go to the examination papers. This is the best strategy for preparation.
  1. Trusting others
    Many candidates who prepare for MPPSC exams rely heavily on others, such as teachers, friends, YouTube videos, etc. These factors are to some extent acceptable for learning the topic and motivation. However, the spirit to break into the examination should come from within. Seek the help of others only when needed. Do not depend too much on anyone.

  2. Thinking about past achievements
    You have passed any other competitive examination in the past or have graduated from IIT. But it has nothing to do with how well you will do in MPPSC. All exam patterns are unique. All the exams test the various characteristics of a candidate.
    That is why you should not think, "I cracked that exam in the past. It will be easy for me now."
  1. Do not take commas
    You might be surprised how one can prepare for a competitive exam, even think of a break. But the thing is that breaks help you to freshen your mind and body. You are not a robot but a human being. If you believe that break is a waste of time, change this mindset. Psychological studies suggest that such breaks can increase your efficiency and retention power. Short breaks of 15–20 minutes every 3-4 hours will suffice.
  1. No time is being left for revision
    The MPPSC exam has a sea-like syllabus but can be covered mostly with proper planning and execution. With a focus on the full syllabus, you need to leave some time for revision. If you have not yet included the amendment as a part of your strategy, now is the time to do it. Many aspirants focus on learning new topics and ignore modification. This is a big mistake because you can mess things up during the exam. Revision helps you regain everything you have studied.
  1. Getting distracted
    While serious aspirants keep them away from the world of deflection, there are still many candidates who want to crack the exam, but are ready for the world of deflection. These distractions can be anything like using social media, hanging out with friends, watching unnecessary videos when you open YouTube for MPPSC lectures, etc. Get rid of all such distractions and focus.

MPPSC is top exam with the highest number of candidates in Madhya Pradesh, with stiff competition among thousands of candidates. Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above will help you gain an edge over others and prepare you well for the exam. If you are making any of these mistakes, get rid of them now and keep yourself focused.

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