The stevia was banned in different parts of the world (USA, Europe, India etc.) due to the concern that it causes cancer.

Consider a plant that is so sweet that it makes sugar taste bitter. Furthermore, it is calorie-free, acts as a tonic for the body, helps lower blood pressure, and may even aid diabetic in controlling their blood sugar levels. It’s realistic to expect health food stores around the country to sell out of this apparent natural wonder faster than they can get them in. Instead, the European Union, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have prohibited to sale and use of stevia. According to their research, stevia can cause cancer if people consume excessive doses. Due to safety concerns, stevia was banned in India, Europe, and the USA. Supporters claim that stevia is both natural and safe. They claim that it is in the artificial sweetener industry’s best interests to keep stevia off the market.