Features of Bone Inlay Dining Table
A bone inlay refers to the furniture-making procedure where shell or bone is pressed into fabulous design. Learn all about bone inlay furniture here.

A bone inlay refers to the furniture-making procedure where shell or bone is pressed into fabulous design. Learn all about bone inlay furniture here.

Definition of Bone Inlay:

Bone Inlay is termed as Intarsia for which excellent home décor trends are followed up to manufacture furniture pieces. It is mainly used with flat surfaces such as sideboard fronts or tabletop.

The works are itself a statement with an artisanal process. The bone fragments are attached to the darker background to make the spectacular pattern.

About Bone Inlay Art:

You heard it right as the bone inlay is an ancient art. It is in use for many years as per our tradition and culture. This unique talent is never extinct as it is transferred from one generation to the next. This art is practiced in the areas of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Jodhpur, etc. It has even widespread popularity over the world and people who prefer a royal look inside the house would go for bone inlay art pieces.

Making of Bone Inlay:

The worldwide patterns consist of mesmerising and meticulous patterns. In short, these are made with the tradition known as bone inlaying.

It is an artisan’s choice in India about a century ago. And still, it is on the front to compete for the modern craft pieces. It takes a huge amount of effort to manufacture a masterpiece. Experts engage themselves for a month in a specific project.

The Steps:

At first, you need to cut bone fragments and later shape these into delicate pieces. It is noticeable how craftsmen would fill the inner space for each fragment. In this essence, the malleable material will do the trick as it creates proper background colour and contrast as well. Mostly resin is useful for this purpose.

Finally, when the frame is done, waxing and sanding are started for smooth touch.

Materials Apart from Bones:

Inlaying needs some other materials apart from bones. Some other frequently used materials are ivory or shell. It will produce the same white contrast as done with bones. It is a fact that inlay furniture needs coloured dyes which are different from natural colours.

Types of Inlays Furniture:

  • Coffee Table: Coffee table made with bone inlay is the perfect showpiece for the living room. This kind of large item would stand out as the best thing in the house.
  • Dresser: Sometimes we use bone inlay on the top of the furniture as it is easy to attach them in horizontal and flat surfaces. Make sure that there is nothing like side panelling or pulling, drawer mechanisms, etc.
  • Desk: These are somewhere unique which are not seen in conventional living rooms. Hence, the perfect choice of these pieces needs daring investment and attitude.
  • Side Table: It is the table placed in the entryways. The Bone Inlay Floral Design Black Dining Table will put all the things together in the centre and people will love to watch it.
  • Console Table: It is another masterpiece of the bone inlay manufacturing phenomenon. You should use this table to decorate the living room or dining space.

About Bone Inlay Table:

The Bone Inlay Floral Design Black Dining Table Supplier is making the regular space into the royal one. Extraordinary design skills assist the finishing touch. The designers have cast imagination on how the masterpiece will look like. The layout is even more delightful with the greatest care. One can imagine the close look of the dining spaces of Maharajas and their lavish lifestyle.

India is known for its artistic features with remarkable and appealing designs. This furniture is exported to the other countries as per the exclusive order. These pieces are environment friendly, and it is strictly stated that no animals would be killed or harmed for this royal manufacturing process.

Special approaches are welcome over conventional ones as the outlook is the main priority. Contrasting colour, the background is required with excellent materials and fabrics. The bone of animals like camels who died due to natural calamity or natural death are mainly preferred.

The people should not feel that any animal was harmed for manufacturing this worldwide furniture. People buy it for enhancing the royal beauty in their rooms. Bedside desks manufactured from bone inlay offer a plethora of shapes, designs, and colours. It is exceptional and very hard to afford.

Figure out your interior to choose the best one. In drawing rooms, tables will give contrasting beauty. Any visitor would be wondered after seeing these fantastic pieces in the house.