Evening dresses in Luton
Evening dresses in Luton
How to pick the perfect dress for formal events?

It’s not every day that we get to dress up for formal events, let's make the next one count.

Evening formal events are all about glitz and glam, going to these parties underdressed or overdressed is not an option. At A&Z, we feature a line dedicated to formal and evening dresses to give our customers endless possibilities and styles. Picking dresses can be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming, for this reason, we, at A&Z, offer expert opinions on every step of the selection process.

Your clothes are the reflection of your personality, therefore we recommend that you give the best first impression by wearing the perfect gown suitable for the event. To make it easier for you, we have put together some tips and tricks to find yourself the perfect evening gown.

1. Style 

The silhouette can make or break the look. From Mermaid to ball gowns, A-line to fit and flare, A&Z features a wide variety of silhouettes in different sizes and colors. There are diverse body shapes and not all dress styles suit them. But A-line dresses are universal for all body shapes and sizes, if nothing is looking good on you, A-line surely will. Channel your inner personality with the silhouette perfect for you.

2. Color

Pastels, neons, Fuschia, blues, reds, purples, and much more the list is endless. The color you opt for should be influenced by the type of event and your skin tone. The ideal color that would fit any theme of the event is the black dress, with a touch of personal accessorization, you are good to go. Don't play safe, go for colors that are trendy and look good on you. 

3. Length

Not all events require you to wear a full-length dress, make your look unique by opting for different length dresses. Although out of fashion, high-low dresses if paired with the right accessories can be a showstopper at formal events. A&Z showcases dresses of different lengths to satisfy our customers’ tastes. 

4. Budget

All of the above depends on the money you are willing to spend on the dress. Before diving into dress shopping it is better to inform your budget to the concerned staff. Our experts will give you options according to the budget you present with. We assure our customers that their budget won’t influence the quality of execution.

Keep in mind that customizations make a gown more expensive than it already is, therefore opt for a gown that you love rather than customizing one you don’t.

5. Off-the-rack vs Bespoke

It has forever been a fashion debate, ready-made or bespoke. While there are some advantages to buying bespoke, for some it can prove to be a burden for the pocket. As a bespoke brand, we recommend you go for custom-made dresses.

Why not ready-made? Well, where do we start, standard sizes are a major disadvantage, not all body shapes and sizes are fit for these sizes, making the dress unflattering. While alterations is an option, you end up spending more money and the results are not the same as the tailored one. Moreover, there is no room for personalization and you end up with a dress every other girl might have bought, more specifically already worn. This is the reason why we think bespoke wear is the best for the evening and formal events. A&Z specializes in bespoke tailoring, with the support of expert tailors and our management staff we have been able to achieve what we are today. We ensure that your evening gown has the perfect fit and silhouette, so you can rock your look at the event day. Visit A&Z today to find your perfect evening dress.


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