How Much Does a Painting Business Owner Make?
How Much Does a Painting Business Owner Make?
When entrepreneurs like you hear about low cost franchise opportunities, you may think only certain services fall into that category.

When entrepreneurs like you hear about low cost franchise opportunities, you may think only certain services fall into that category. Most people don’t consider how much a painting business owner can make.

In fact, a low cost franchise opportunity like Teaberry Painting has the potential to provide a solid return on investment over time. It also gives you a chance to take control of your financial freedom and have a rewarding career. That’s why investing in a Teaberry Painting franchise as a painting contractor is an idea that’s worth a closer look.


You may want to be your own boss, but you’re not interested in starting a business from scratch or taking out huge loans. That’s why it makes sense to consider a low cost franchise opportunity, like Teaberry Painting.

Here are reasons why residential and commercial painting services are on a roll today.

The painting sector is a key market for residential construction and home remodeling industries. That means current dynamics within the housing market are driving demand for interior and exterior painting services these days.

More than 1.7 million homes are built each year. Not only do those new builds need a coat of paint now, they become a potential source of recurring business when they need a refreshed look in the future.

For existing homes, spending on home improvements, like interior and exterior painting, also boosts potential for generating income in the painting industry. There are more than 261 million homes in the U.S. today. That gives low cost franchise businesses in the painting contractor segment room for growth.

Renewed growth in the nonresidential construction market also affects the $37 billion painting industry. Commercial painting jobs for offices, apartment buildings, and industrial facilities help drive industry revenue growth for professional painters.


How much a painting business owner can make depends on several factors.

As you consider how much a painting business owner can make, think about the metrics. Key performance indicators go beyond the number of jobs you get in a week or month. To gauge how well your business does, you need to establish concrete benchmarks and goals.

Here are performance metrics that make a difference in how much a painting business owner can make.

Revenue – You need to know how much money you bring in from painting jobs each month, week, or year. When you have a benchmark, you can use it to set goals for building your business over time.

Pricing – The right project pricing is needed to afford supplies, equipment, vehicles and support staff. That’s why it’s important to set the right markup for each job.

Margins – The bottom line dollar amount for each painting job includes costs for labor, paint and materials. You can measure your sales growth by calculating your average price and margins on large and small-scale jobs.

Operating costs – You may have money in the bank, but do you have enough cash to cover all your expenses and overhead? Take the time to know how much it costs to run your business.

Productivity – When you divide your total revenue by the costs to run your business, you can measure your productivity. This tool can help you gauge the efficiency of your business.


Are you considering starting your own painting company? Investing in a franchise concept like Teaberry Painting may open the door to a smart career move for you. It’s a way to balance risks and rewards while you achieve your goals of financial freedom.

A low cost franchise opportunity gives you the keys to a complete set of resources to launch your business. You can tap into an established brand that offers the systems and strategies you need to start growing your business from day one.

Low cost franchise businesses have upfront costs and ongoing expenses that you need to consider. But remember, starting a business on your own also costs money. The advantage of going with a franchise business is you know startup and operating costs from the start. That information isn’t as readily available if you choose the DIY path.

When you choose the right business model, you also can take advantage of a powerful support system. You become part of a team of like-minded go-getters who want to expand the brand and build their own businesses.

The Teaberry Painting training and support program offers franchise owners everything from territory selection to systems and processes that can help you run an efficient operation. You also get full access to buying power that comes with an established set of vendors for key supplies and services.

A proprietary software program developed exclusively for Teaberry Painting franchise owners gives you the tools you need to run an on-time, on-budget, on-purpose business. You can prepare estimates, generate proposals, send out work and supply orders, schedule crews, even create cost analyses.


Learn more about how much a painting business owner can make from the experts at Teaberry Painting. It’s your chance to take advantage of a low cost franchise business that can transform your personal and professional future.