Why Lookbook Extension For Magento 2 Is Important For Your Website?
Why Lookbook Extension For Magento 2 Is Important For Your Website?
Attract customers to buy complementary products to the one they originally want. The Magento 2 lookbook extension allows you to create looks from a group of complementary products in your store and add markers to show individual products. Customers can add all the products to cart in one click.

FME Extension For Magento 2

Magento 2 Shop By Look extension helps the customers to check and shop the complete look by purchasing multiple items in a single lookbook product. The shoppers can view the lookbook product even on the home page and other CMS pages (as a widget) which will help to increase customers’ interest and will even help to increase the traffic on the web store. The admin can add other associated products to the lookbook product. Adjust markers on the lookbook products to show the related products that can be sold individually or as a complete look. Also, the admin can create widgets and add lookbook products to those widgets so that the lookbook products can be displayed on the CMS blocks and pages. The admin can even set the widget type as a slider or grid view for the CMS pages.

  • Create unlimited Lookbooks
  • Highlight individual products with markers
  • Sell Lookbooks on a fixed or percentage discount
  • Customize discount text
  • Design discount label
  • Limit discounts to specific customer groups
  • Add & customize all to cart button
  • Set Lookbooks display order
  • Display in standard or slider format
  • Add widget on any CMS page


For Store Owner

  • Providing the feature where markers are added to the main image of the lookbook product will easily draw the customer’s attention and will make the website more aesthetic.
  • Displaying lookbook products on multiple CMS pages will help in increasing both sales and revenue.

For Customers

  • Can opt to purchase associated products individually or the shop lookbook product.
  • View lookbook products on various CMS blocks and pages.
  • Will be facilitated with the marking feature in the lookbook product that can increase customers’ interest in the website and will prompt customers to purchase more and more products.