Why Custom Form Builder Is Important For Your Website?
Why Custom Form Builder Is Important For Your Website?
Use Magento 2 Form Builder to build forms of various types in no time to collect purpose-specific information. For example, you can manage separate forms for registrations, contact, booking and reservations, testimonials, and questionnaires. Make use of templates and 20+ interactive input options.

Form Builder allows creating custom forms in Magento so site owners don't need to wait for a programmer to create any custom form. Useful for the site owner to get feedback/any data from customers or create a job application form on the site to receive an application. also, it saves g development costs to create custom forms from the developer.

Customized forms are a great feature to use with any website. Often, website owners want to create various forms for various purposes and want them to be displayed on various pages according to their requirements. In a traditional approach, this is very time-consuming. Once a programmer has programmed a form from scratch, it needs to pass through coding, testing, & debugging. This process must be done all over again, time after time, for every form.

Magento 2 Custom Form Plugin is the solution for such requirements. With the help of a form builder, a store owner can create any number of custom forms with ease. Form builder gives full control over the content and appearance of a form. You can add any number of fields, make any of the obligatory, select input type (text, dropdown, checkbox, file upload) for each one, and apply input validation.

  • Build multiple forms with drag and drop
  • 20+ data input options to build forms
  • Use templates for quick form creation
  • Manage all form queries on a single page
  • Add Google Maps, enable reCaptcha
  • Display forms on any page or position
  • Show forms to specific customers, store views
  • Email notifications, form customization
  • Schedule forms’ display, configure SEO