Top 3 Things About Kid-Friendly, Gentle Dental Care
Top 3 Things About Kid-Friendly, Gentle Dental Care
Pediatric dentists can reduce your child’s fears and provide them with gentle dental care services. Find out more about it from the best pediatric dentist in Stonecrest, GA.

A Pediatric Dentist Discusses Kid-Friendly Gentle Dental Care

For your child, the dental office can be a frightening place. Gentle dental treatment for children is a technique that aims to minimize your child's anxiety and fears about visiting your Stonecrest pediatric dentist.  The goal is to ensure that your child has a good opinion of your pediatric dentist in Stonecrest. Our pediatric dentists at Lithonia Pediatric Dentistry are experts in providing kid-friendly, gentle dental care.


Adults and children both have fears about going to the dentist. To calm anxious children, pediatric dentists apply calming strategies. This is especially critical when a procedure is required for a child. With scared children, pediatric dentists may need to exercise a little more patience.

Little Fun Goes A Long Way

Pediatric dentists learn how to divert and entertain their patients. Some dentists may refer to tools by their ridiculous names or use amusing voices. Even older children who believe they are over the age of silliness find this diverting. Children's minds are diverted from pain or discomfort by joking.  The purpose of the pediatric dentist is to engage and involve the patient in the procedure. Pediatric dentists are sensitive to their patient's fears and anxieties while still offering stability and comfort.

Children frequently inquire as to why something occurs. They must understand what's going on. Pediatric dentists in Stonecrest usually spend time explaining what is going on with their young patients. Children's participation in the dental treatment process helps to reduce their concerns and anxiety.

Regular-sized dental tools are not only scary, but they may also be too big for a young child's mouth. When working with children, pediatric dentists are trained to utilize smaller equipment. Some office furniture and chairs must be suitable for children. Regular dental offices with adult-sized furniture can be overwhelming for children. There may also be popular themes or cartoon characters for kids to feel good at dental offices.

Family-Oriented Support For Children

Parents may need to seek out an emergency dentist straight away if their children have a dental emergency. Kids are generally impatient.  They get confused about dental pain. Our Stonecrest pediatric dentists provide solutions for children who require assistance after hours to minimize pain. Our dental office also provides flexible working hours to accommodate school and extracurricular activities.

Fun & Soothing Environment For Children

Many kid-friendly dental offices are brightly colored and designed, making them appealing to children. Toys and activities are generally offered in waiting rooms. While waiting for the dentist, your youngster may have difficulty remaining still. Games and toys might help divert your child's attention away from the appointment. Seeing your youngster become more relaxed will help you overcome whatever fears you may have.

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