How to Buy Ethereum with PayPal | Times of Crypto
How to Buy Ethereum with PayPal | Times of Crypto
You can buy Ethereum with PayPal on times of crypto. However, you need to keep it in an Ethereum wallet. Learn how to buy Ethereum with PayPal on times of crypto.The price of Ethereum has increased and has been at its top since five years ago. So why not join us in buying Ethereum with Bitcoin or PayPal?

How to Buy Ethereum with PayPal | Times of Crypto


Do you want to know where to buy Ethereum with PayPal? Do you want to know if PayPal is a safe and secure way to buy ETH? These topics will be covered in this article.


When you buy Ethereum, you must keep it in an Ethereum wallet; the crypto exchange we recommend below,, offers a free crypto wallet in which you can keep your funds.

How to Buy Ethereum with PayPal and Save Money

For over a decade, eToro has been a reputable broker in the stocks, forex, as well as crypto industries, and the Economic Times has named it one of the best crypto exchanges. It has over 20 million active users worldwide. It is a highly secure online trading platform that is licensed and regulated by authorities in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, and the United States, including the FCA, CySEC, ASIC, MiFID, and FinCEN. To compensate for market volatility, cryptocurrency fees have slightly wider spreads than other assets. Some cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, experience a 15% price increase or decrease in a single day.


The spread on Ethereum on eToro is 1.90%, which is lower than the spread on many other popular trading platforms. It charges a $10 inactivity fee as well as a $5 withdrawal fee. It is free to open an account and deposit funds on eToro. Cryptoassets are an unregulated, highly volatile investment product. There is no investor protection in the UK or the EU.


Purchase Ethereum using PayPal and sell it in your home country

If you wish to buy Ethereum with PayPal, eToro is the best platform to use. Customers and their funds are safe in either platform because the eToro crypto platform is governed by the FCA, ASIC, and CySEC. In general, eToro is a convenient platform for buying cryptocurrency with PayPal all over the world. Simply follow the steps outlined below to purchase Ethereum on eToro. After you've created an account and made your first deposit on the platform, navigate to the overview page and click on the Ethereum market. Following that, click "buy" afterwards.

How to Buy Ethereum with Paypal on eToro

Step 1: Sign up on eToro

  • Go to the eToro website and click the 'Sign Up' button.

  • Enter some personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, as well as password.

  • You can also sign up using your Facebook or Google accounts to speed up the process.


Step 2: KYC

  • You will have to provide identification. Upload the copy of your driver's licence or passport. Every user must go through the KYC process.


Step 3: Choose PayPal as your payment option

  • Deposit the desired amount into your eToro wallet.

  • Buy Ethereum by searching for it in the platform's search bar. Before you purchase a digital coin, check its price.

  • When compared to other popular trading platforms, eToro has a lower minimum deposit of $10.


What should you keep in mind when purchasing Ethereum with PayPal?


You should finish the verification process before proceeding with your cryptocurrency purchase. Completing the verification is required for continuous access to the platform. If you want to avoid waiting at a later stage, complete the verification process once and for all. Furthermore, adding multiple layers of authorization makes you more secure. As a result, you will have a safer and more integrated account that will allow you to buy Ethereum or other assets on the platform with PayPal with ease.



Always be wary of phishing links and never open suspicious emails. PayPal phishing links are common, and the concept of phishing with cryptocurrency could be challenging. These links are used to trick users into submitting their credentials or depositing cryptocurrency.


When you log into your account or access sensitive information, you should always check the browser's security indicator. (To view the information, click the lock symbol in Chrome's URL bar.) This informs you about the site's provider as well as the additional specs of the site you are currently viewing. If you use a lesser-known 3rd party exchange, put in the effort and conduct research to determine the exchange's reliability.


Market Research

Before purchasing any asset online, conduct extensive research. Never go to websites that advertise buying Ethereum with PayPal if you haven't heard of them elsewhere on the internet. If there are no online reviews or accolades for the sites, it is best to avoid them. Avoid scams that prey on the cryptocurrency and PayPal communities.


Ethereum V Paypal

To buy Ethereum with PayPal, you should be familiar with both Ethereum and PayPal. When you are about to use either of these platforms, having the necessary knowledge will allow you to make an informed decision. Our comparison will help you understand how these platforms are similar and also how they differ.



  • Both Ethereum and PayPal are payment methods.

  • Both offer users quick and inexpensive payment options.

  • Both are peer-to-peer methods.

  • Both of these improve the efficiency of the online payment ecosystem.

  • International transactions are made possible by PayPal and Ether.


  • PayPal is only a payment platform, whereas Ethereum is a payment platform as well as a currency.

  • PayPal is based on centralised systems such as banks, whereas Ethereum is decentralised.

  • Accountants and auditors spend time verifying transactions on PayPal. To allow for instant transaction verification, Ethereum employs a public ledger.

  • Payments made with Ethereum cannot be reversed, whereas payments made with PayPal can.

  • Ethereum can be used without verification/identification, whereas PayPal requires considerable verification.