ByteX Launches Market Orders for Spot Trade
ByteX Launches Market Orders for Spot Trade
Now buy & sell cryptocurrencies with Market Order in the spot trade. ByteX is elated to announce the launch of the Market orders exclusively for mobile apps; iOS & Android. Market Order is enabled for over 130+ crypto pairs and can be accessed from the Market ? Trade ? Market Order.

Market Orders in a Glance

0.15% of Total Trade Amount on Buy Order
0.15% of Total Trade Amount on Sell Order

For Indian User (Additional to Fees):
1% TDS will be charged on Total trade amount
28% GST will be applicable on Fees amount

What is Market Order?

Market order is a type of Spot Trade that lets you buy or sell a crypto instantly at the best price currently available. The prices are taken from the order book and executed as they match. Market orders take the nearest buy or sell price to complete the order immediately, hence sometimes incur slippage. 

When are Market Orders Beneficial?

Since market orders are fulfilled immediately they are used either to leverage potentially profitable moves, or to cut losses. Market order for highly traded & liquid cryptocurrencies ensures that a trade is executed as quickly as possible. Though it doesn’t guarantee the process at which it will be executed. 

About ByteX

ByteX is a licensed & regulated CeDeFi platform operating in Canada, the European Economic Area, and India. Being a KYC verified platform with compliant DeFi architecture, ByteX aims to bridge the best of both worlds and redefine the crypto credit infrastructure with transparency. The platform will soon offer zero collateral crypto loans to institutional & individual borrowers using a blend of machine learning-based Credit Rating Systems. 



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Risk Disclaimer

Nothing in this email/Post/Bulletin should be considered investment advice. Cryptocurrency trading markets are volatile and can change rapidly. All opinions and analyses are of the authors, not (Bytex). Please refer to Bytex risk disclosure at

Keep up the investing spirit.

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ByteX Launches Market Orders for Spot Trade

ByteX Launches Market Orders for Spot Trade