Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Companies with great printing requirements can always opt for sharp copiers. TalkingCopiers about the models are certainly found in large quantity. Those with top-edge laser printing quality are magnificent in every possible way. Like in terms of space they take up most of the floor, also designed to print different sizes of paper. Apart from all these the printing volume capacity is also great equally. However to meet all these qualities you need to pay a lump sum amount which ranges from thousands to something more than $10,000. Certainly, this amount is quite like robbing your pocket. The primary investment excludes the present expenditure of the laser printer like the replacement of toner or paper even repair as well as maintenance.

 Businesses are in the favour of accepting the laser printer as a new addition. You can always name the laser printing method as the managed printing service. Managed print solutions is a wholesome term that incorporates all the services and products besides the printer.


A brief introduction to leasing a printer: Understanding the managed print services.

 Over the last decade, a revolution took place in the concept of printer/copier. The concept called leasing has been renamed as managed print services. The idea called managed print services is an integrated concept that focuses on meeting the right printing requirement of the users. Once you go for the managed print services the all-in-one package will simply lure you.

 With IoT and big data, the concept of managed print services achieved an edge. Talking the managed print services it incorporates maintenance, online assistance, billing, and tracking of the items. Now companies with restricted IT bandwidth a managed print services can give the best management solution to them.


Various types of equipment leases for the business

 Two fundamental business equipment leases include operating leases and the capital leases

 Operating lease

Compared to the capital photocopier lease in Melbourne and Sydney, the business prefers to go for the operating leases. Now, this type of lease is also called the fair market value lease. It is because here the monthly payments offered are quite less. When a company chooses to have the operating lease for the printer or copier it means it is borrowing the equipment. Here the asset is not recorded in the lessee’s balance sheet record. With the end of the lease, the lessee will have the chance to purchase the copier. Note here the purchasing cost is calculated based on contract terms, wear and tear, depreciation, latest technology, and market value. Honestly, the operating lease is more meaningful as here the business does not need to bother about purchasing.

 Capital lease

The capital lease is also known as the dollar one buyout lease is not on the list of likings of the businessman. When any company asks for leasing capital then it seems like having the loan. Note that here the principal and the interest get added to the copiers list and that copier gets added to the balance sheet of the lessee. The monthly amount of the copier lease is quite high. It is because finance for the entire cost of the equipment is added. It is good news that the capital leasing privileges the less who finally decide to purchase the copier. Note that the purchasing cost is already included in the signing agreement. Well, capital leasing turns out to be the feasible solution for businesses that are likely to own a copier or printer without making any upfront payment.


 When you purchase a printer or get the ownership it is known as purchasing. With purchasing you are entrusted with the accountability of the asset. Now again it’s your call, to decide how to take care of the item, keep track of the consumables. Also, list down the things that you want to enhance or replace.



 Leasing includes a monthly rent that has to be paid to the manufacturer in exchange for using the printers. Though you are paying the rent still you can possess the equipment physically but you are not purchasing them straight away. With a leasing contract, you will get all sorts of technical assistance, supplies, and up-gradation.


What are the basic differences between purchasing and leasing the office copier?

 It is one of the common doubts that most companies do face that is whether buying or leasing would be beneficial. Single entrepreneurs do love to work with small-sized desktop printers. It normally helps them to take, care of periodic printing tasks. Naturally, companies with high printing requirements won’t be satisfied with the small-sized desktop printer. In this regard, you have to know the advantage and disadvantages of leasing and purchasing. This will help the companies to make the best decision considering their exclusive requirement.


Pros and cons of purchasing an office copier

 Leasing or purchasing computers is quite an interesting topic and that is going to leave a long-term effect. So here’s a quick review of the purchasing pros that you should remember.


Pros of purchasing a printer or copier

 The first thing that you should notice is that the purchasing cost of a printer makes it cheap. But at times you may come across scammed ones so be sure to get a certified copy of the printers. Here you will get the full details regarding the longevity compared to maintenance packages designed to fit your business printing volume. The photocopiers lose their value with time so the company has to take some necessary steps to regain their worth. From an accounting perspective, it is always important to keep eye on the evolving technology. Therefore You need to resell it on time before the printer gives up.


No contractual agreement

 When any company purchases a copier they are not bound to stick to any third-party provider. But though not attached to third-party sellers still need to carry out the maintenance packages that need a particular type of agreement.


A great option to maintain

 Smaller companies or startups would always nod yes to maintenance agreements from the sellers or printer manufacturers. But companies with huge printing volume requirements will surely go for canon copiers with multifunctional qualities. They will catch up with maintenance schedules that come with instant fixation. Well, here it is always good to head on with autonomous contractors. Note that you won’t get the chance to tie up with autonomous contractors when you are bound to leasing because that somehow slows down the chance of contacting maintenance providers.


Tax deduction

 When you buy a copier instead of leasing, the full cost of the purchase comes under the rule of tax deduction. If the company decides to lease a copier, they have to pay the deducted amount from the monthly rent instead of paying the whole purchasing amount.


Cons of purchasing

 Purchasing the copier is a costly affair for a company compared to maintaining it. Purchasing may cut off the maintenance package but the initial purchasing cost might be a strain on the pocket.


Cost of replacement

 The printers won’t be a lifetime asset because with time they would become outdated, and will need repair as well. Therefore there will be a high time when you need to think about replacing the printer with a new one. Of course, it is a matter of concern for any business when they plan to get a substitution.


Multiple location Consistency of cost

 Companies stationed in various locations find it hard to keep up the cost parity. It is because the cost of printers or copiers will be different in different zones. Of Course, the cost of maintenance will vary drastically. Well, a centralized purchase with similar equipment and technology can simplify the calculation process. So once you get the idea you can understand how much money you require to keep the budget in check.



 Alike all other equipments the copiers depreciate both in terms of technology and functionality. That is why to take the benefit the owner has to sell it within the stipulated time.


The pros and cons of leasing an office copier

 Here in this section, we will highlight some of the facts that will say what is important whether leasing or buying. For companies who are ready to go for leasing should consider the bullets below.


 Leasing pros

 Outdated cost neglected

 Leasing a copier or printer puts you on the right path where you don’t have to worry about outdated equipment. Moreover, you won’t have to bear the issue of reselling the machine. Also lets you get hold of new and technologically upgraded machines. Note that this particular quality is not essential to look for when you are investing in basic printers. But the moment you want to upgrade the same with multifunctional qualities you need to invest in leased machines as they don’t get outdated quickly.

 Less upfront expenditure

Companies are comfortable with leasing because the expenditure is quite less compared to the fully purchased printers. Well, small-sized businesses will benefit the most from leasing because they have less access to cash. In that case, leasing turns out to be the best solution. Thus you can use the saved money in other vital areas like introducing some enhanced train8ngs to increase the productivity level of the employees. Even can use the money in upgrading the phone, and update the internet.

 Less hassling

 The lessee does not have to bear the burden of maintaining the machine which is a must-have for the owners. This shows that leasing agreements come with a certain kind of guarantee which tells that the copier can be replaced if needed. The lessee does not have to worry about disposing of the machine or reselling the same. Thus this always puts up the leasing as the only feasible way.

Budgets predictable

With leasing, the companies can calculate the budget they have to bear every month. The best thing is that you don’t require to think about whether the price will go up or down which is again a headache for the new copiers. Also no need to worry about maintenance prices or have to panic about the down payment which is mandatory for new machines.

 Upgrade as required

 Before the leasing contract loses its expiry a business will always have the option to update the copier to the particular one that will be congenial to their requirement. An upcoming company can handle fresh copiers designed to fit every requirement. They can express their requirement without the need of being stick to their contract.


Repairing and upgrading

 With the advancement of technology, you will find leasing office equipment the best possible solution. The technology indeed loses its authenticity in a couple of years. Technology remains valid for 4 to 6 years and after that it becomes outdated. But companies can choose to work with the existing printer however that will escalate the cost of maintenance.


The two most powerful advantages of leasing are

 Leasing comes with a maintenance package and routined service. The best thing is that the lessee will get consistent tech support from licensed technicians through the leasing period. Though purchasing the copier promise you with warranty but remember that this warranty is for a shorter duration. Note these warranties do come with various loopholes. And there is a hundred percent possibility that you would have to pay huge bills.

The next essential benefit that you can reap from leasing is that here you can ask for upgrading the printer to keep in compliance with the latest technology. Here you don’t have to pay huge upfront costs rather can get the benefit at a minimal cost.


Benefits in terms of tax

 Companies always look for keeping their tax bill under check. And in that regards nothing could be more helpful than leasing. Once you decide to purchase the printer or copier it automatically makes you pay Alternative minimum tax. However, if you go for leasing then you don’t have to pay the same tax.

Cons of leasing 


 Leasing turns out to be too much expensive down the line. If you want to go for leasing then make sure that you make the necessary calculations for sure. Leasing turns out to be costlier because leasing comes with an onus where you need to carry out the ongoing expenditure. On the other hand, buying is also an expensive proposal because here the companies won’t be able to sell the printers with outdated technology. The worst part Is that neither they can upgrade nor they can keep up the quality. Companies with less printing needs can find leasing a costly deal.

 Rigid lease agreement terms

 Doing research and discovering all the options about the printers is important. A business may find it like a loop where they are bound to rigid agreement terms that restrict their options of choosing the right one. It also reduces the chance of prospering in the business as well. Companies who are into lease contracts will find it tough to stick to the leasing contracts or go for upgrading. Indeed contracts can turn out costly hence companies who are considering leasing should pause a bit and think for a while. They need to comprehend the agreement terms which they want to look for.


Facts about purchasing and leasing the office copier

 Remember that purchasing a copier means that the company is investing in purchasing a single copier. They will have the authority of the full machine. They have to bear the responsibility of maintaining the copier. They also have to enter into a negotiation with the maintenance package providers.

 On the other hand, leasing means that the third party will have full authority over the machine. Leasing can be a good option for companies who are looking for negotiable terms.

 Leasing offers flexibility to business however the average term of the same ranges from 48 to 63 months. Therefore businesses always consider leasing as the most feasible option. You also get the option to refresh its maintenance cycle which makes it more effective in terms of cost.

 Final say

 Companies will always endeavor to make the right decision when it comes to expenditure, and current requirements. They have to consider how much printing volume they require. All copy projects ( ACP) came to the fore to relieve companies from the dilemma. Also helps them to enjoy a prospering business. With ACP clients could come to know what is actually best for them and what would possibly benefit them in the future. ACP gives an idea of what is good like leasing or purchasing. This will assist the clients to make informed decisions regarding the copiers. Thus ACP shows them how to stay satiated and develop as per their requirement. Even helps in optimizing the printing solution to get the most in terms of efficiency at a lower cost.