drift hunters is game full of fun and speed.
drift hunters is game full of fun and speed.
Drift Hunters - Speed Drift Challenge. Participating in this game, you will have the opportunity to own dozens of different supercars.

drift hunters is game full of fun and speed.

The development history of the game Drift Hunters.

drift hunters game is a 3d online drift car game created by Ilya Kaminetsky and published by Studionum43. It was launched on April 23, 2021.

Since its release, it has received the most positive reviews from players. There are millions of people who have participated in this race, they have really loved and shared it widely to friends around the world.

How to play Drift Hunters

Great graphics, responsive gameplay and collectible cars make this a seriously addictive game.

Starting the game, you will be given a Toyota AE86 immediately. In addition, the system will reward new players with a credit card of 25,000. Use this money to buy your favorite equipment, creating a race car that is your own style. Or simply unlock another car or you can spend cash to upgrade your AE86. The upgrade will create a good surfing speed and many times more powerful than the original version. This will help you not only gain bragging rights and be sought after by your friends, but it will also help unlock the drift cars of your dreams and adjust the upgrades much faster.


To control the drift car while fighting on the track, you will use the cursor keys on the keyboard. Get ready to hit the track to perform stunts. You can climb or slide down vertical slopes, circling on arcs in the air, even performing long jumps towards the car. Experience all the most extreme challenges challenging your steering wheel. You won't be able to find unexpected routes or euphoric emotions in this game anywhere else.


Once you are ready to customize the engine that you think is the most powerful, you can go to the “VISUALS” menu to change the paint color of the body or rims to make your car look the most attractive and outstanding. .

If you are a beginner, we recommend going to Nishiuri or Emashi. This is the address with fewer obstacles to hit at these clean and simple tracks! When you become an expert, move to other routes with more obstacles to quickly earn the most bonuses.