9 Car Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid
9 Car Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid
You want the negotiation of the price of the new car to be separate from any discussion of what they’ll give you for your old car.


1. The impulse buy:

You walked into a showroom, got caught up in the emotion of the moment, and walked out with a new car and no idea really how it happened. Don’t let this happen to you. I guarantee you this mistake will cost you a nice chunk of change. Do your research, get your quotes from genuine dealers, get your financing lined up before you go in to take Test Drive Landrover Delhi NCR.

2. Not checking the cost to insure the new car before buying

Insurance costs can vary quite a bit from one car to another. Check with your insurance company to see what the new car will cost you and while you’re at it you should get some competing insurance quotes from online insurance sites.

3. Falling for the bait and switch:

You see a good price advertised in the newspaper but when you get to the dealership they point to the fine print in the ad, sadly shake their heads and say “That one car was sold already.” Luckily for them they just happen to have a similar or identical car they’ll sell you for a higher price. Once again, get your quotes ahead of time, shop dealers against each other and this won’t happen to you.

4. Buying the wrong car

Make sure you think about the ways you’ll be using the car, how far you’ll drive regularly etc. before deciding on what you’re buying

5. Looking at the payment instead of the price

One of the most common tactics dealers use in negotiation is wanting you to agree to a monthly payment rather than a purchase price for the car. This allows them far more ways to obscure just how much the deal is costing you. Negotiate the price of the car with the Range Rover Showroom Delhi NCR, for an idea you can figure out what the payment for that price will be yourself using online car payment calculators.

6. Talking about your trade-in too early

You want the negotiation of the price of the new car to be separate from any discussion of what they’ll give you for your old car. If you don’t keep these separate it makes the whole process more confusing for you and easier for the dealer to take money out of your pocket.

7. Not going for a real test drive or skipping it entirely

Many people feel uncomfortable driving with a salesman in the car with you so they want to make the Test Drive Landrover Delhi NCR short or even skip it entirely. This is a terrible mistake. You need to know if you’re really happy with how the car feels on the road and in the kind of driving you’re likely to do or you may well be very unhappy with it.

8. Buying overpriced add-ons in the financing office

Pretty much everything they will try and sell you in the finance or manager's office is either unnecessary or overpriced. You can buy paint protection, extended warranties, VIN etching, etc. on your own after you buy the car at significant savings over what the dealer will charge you.

9. Talking too much

Don’t offer information or answer questions after going to the Range Rover Showroom Delhi NCR about how badly you need a new car, how much you like the car you’re looking at, what you’re willing to pay per month while you’re in the dealership. These are all things they will use against you in negotiation or pressure you to buy on the spot.