The Material Handling Equipment Your Roofing Company Needs
The Material Handling Equipment Your Roofing Company Needs
A reputation for quality work is the backbone of any roofing company’s success. Part of what makes quality work is how efficiently and safely it is performed. Upgrading the efficiency and safety of your roofing business is often a matter of choosing the right material handling equipment. Opting for name-brand hand trucks and incorporating a powered stair climbing hand truck into your fleet can make a huge difference.

Every roofing company relies on a reputation for quality work to grow and thrive. Part of that level of quality is how fast, efficiently, and safely work was completed. The right high-quality material handling equipment is a critical factor in the speed and efficiency of a roofing job. You may need to upgrade to a powered hand truck, specifically a powered stair climbing hand truck.

Why Name-Brand Hand Trucks Are a Must

It’s important to ensure that every hand truck or hand cart in your fleet is a high-quality brand. A national name-brand material handling company delivers a level of reliable quality and expertise you’re just not guaranteed with other equipment. Beyond quality equipment being more durable, name-brand equipment is likely to have specific replacement parts should you need them. That tends to be a lot more cost-effective than having to replace the entire hand truck or hand cart.

Heavy Duty Hand Trucks for Larger Loads

A heavy duty hand truck makes it a lot easier for employees to move loads of stone-coated steel or slate roofing from point A to point B. Heavy duty hand trucks are built to handle those larger loads. They include features like a strap to secure them more effectively. Upgrading with a fourth-wheel stabilizing attachment can make moving those big loads safer still. In addition to the safety and efficiency enhancement, a heavy duty hand truck reduces the risk of dropping a less secure load. Dropping a load of slate roofing, for instance, poses a significant injury risk and can cost your business a lot of money.

Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks for Efficiency

The challenges associated with moving heavy loads become greater when employees must navigate stairs – indoors or out. Stairs pose one of the primary material handling challenges for any business. They represent an increased risk of injury and product loss. They can also cause workflow bottlenecks. Investing in a powered stair climbing hand truck can make all the difference when your employees are required to safely carry tools and supplies, slate roofing, expensive solar tiles, and so on up and down outdoor stairways.

Embrace Versatility with Aluminum Convertible Hand Trucks

High-quality traditional hand trucks are efficient labor-saving devices. Updated materials and innovation have provided a whole range of versatile and more specialized equipment options, including convertible hand trucks. Convertible hand trucks can be operated in the traditional vertical configuration but can also be operated in a horizontal orientation that provides significantly more platform space. More platform space can be a huge efficiency booster for moving anything that doesn’t neatly stack on the traditional hand truck’s platform. Plus, a high-quality aluminum convertible hand truck is a strong, lightweight, and rust-resistant option that can benefit any roofing business.

About Magline

For 75 years, the Magliner name has served as a byword for excellence in the material handling industry, representing the highest standard of quality and reliability. Like everything with the Magline name, Magliner hand trucks are trusted every day to deliver industry-leading quality and durable reliability. The classic and ultra-customizable traditional Magliner hand truck is a cornerstone of the Magliner collection. Then there are the other incomparable Magliner products, including their hand lift truck series, powered hand truck line, convertible hand truck selection, and the rest of their lineup. Whenever you or your business needs something transported, lifted, or delivered, you can trust Magliner gear to get the toughest jobs done safely and efficiently. Magliner, USA built since 1947.

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