The 19th Hole and 4 Other Interesting Golf Facts
The 19th Hole and 4 Other Interesting Golf Facts
Do you think golf is a boring or stuffy game? Not at all. Consider the funny golf polos, pants, and other apparel that are celebrated by players everywhere. Also, golf is the only sport in the universe that we can verify has been played by a space alien. Those are just a few of the interesting facts about golf every golfer should know.

If there is one major misconception about golf, it’s that the sport is boring or stuffy. When done right, golf is one of the most fun and fascinating games to play. In addition to welcoming funny golf pants, polos, and other bold and striking apparel, it has a variety of other interesting features as well. There’s the iconic 19th hole, a course that’s miles above sea level, and the distinction of being the first and likely only sport played off of the planet. Do you know these five fun golf facts?

The Illustrious 19th Hole

While most golf courses feature the regulation 18 holes, what is likely the world’s most famous golf course decided to switch it up. The planners of Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club proposed adding a 19th hole. This final hole was meant to accommodate losing golfers, giving them one last chance at victory or to risk it all on a double or nothing bet. While the plan was nixed, “the 19th hole” now virtually universally refers to the clubhouse bar, typically the next stop after finishing a round.

Golf’s Fascinating Scottish Origins

Although its history stretches back further, modern golf is said to have been established in Scotland in the year 1457. Between that year and 1744, the Scottish government outlawed golf three times. That’s because it was so popular among Scots that it was believed to have interfered with the nation’s military readiness. Originally, golfers would have swung at balls fabricated from feathers and leather, and later balls made out of wood.

Golf Celebrates Bold and Irreverent Clothing

If you thought golf was stuffy or stodgy, one look at the apparel golfers wear, and you might think differently. Bright, vibrant, and high-performance funny golf polos, button downs, pants, and other pieces are often celebrated out on the course. Many of the most colorful and irreverent designs are inspired by Scottish tartan patterns—an homage to the sport’s venerable history.

Golf: The First Sport Played by a Space Alien

So far, golf is the only known sport in the universe that’s been played by a space alien. That space alien? Apollo 14 Commander and golf lover Alan Shepard. As an alien visitor to Earth’s moon, he fired off what is also likely the longest stroke in history with a custom 6-iron. Shepard insisted the ball went for “miles and miles.” On top of all that, it was a hole-in-one. His ace eventually settled in the moon’s “Javelin” crater. Not too bad for an Earthling.

Peru: “Mile High Stadium? Hold My Pisco”

Denver’s Empower Field at Mile High, is famous for its high-altitude playing conditions. To the Peruvian golfers of Tactu Golf Club, however, playing at Mile High’s paltry 5,280 feet above sea level would probably seem like a refreshing jaunt. That’s because Peru’s Tactu Golf Club is situated at nearly 3 miles above sea level, with its lowest point clocking in at 14,335 feet of elevation.

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