Services Freight Forwarding Companies Offer to Shippers
Services Freight Forwarding Companies Offer to Shippers
Shipping your goods in the international market involves many complicated tasks.

Freight forwarding services in Dubai can take your business to a whole new level by providing timely and efficient delivery services. There are numerous benefits of using logistics services for your shipping needs. If you choose a freight forwarding partner for your shipping needs, you must know about the various services they provide. This will help you save your time on selecting the best freight forwarding companies in Dubai.




Types of services freight forwarders provide


Customs clearance


Customs clearance is one of the essential services offered by logistics companies. While shipping your goods, you need to have complete documentation to save the goods from being stocked by customs officials. The documents may include invoices, certificate of origin, purchase order of both parties, house bill of lading, and packing list. Shippers don’t have to get into the hassle of submitting the paperwork to the customs department. Freight forwarding services in Dubai will handle the complete customs clearance services.


Insurance cover


As global trade increases at a rapid rate, the risks rates also increase. It requires consistent efforts to keep your goods safe during the entire transit period. However, the shippers won’t have access to the goods once it reaches the transit state. Partnering with freight forwarding services in Dubai gives the advantage to reduce the risk associated with the shipping process. They provide insurance covers to their customers before they move your goods to keep your goods away from all kinds of financial losses. Even if your goods get damaged or stolen at the time of transportation, both parties will be safe from all sorts of financial losses.


Packaging and warehousing


The freight forwarding companies in Dubai you choose to assist in keeping your goods safe by packaging them and storing them at the warehouses. They help in packaging your goods before the shipment moves to the process. As the goods have to go through a lot of loading and unloading during the process, it needs to have strong packaging. Also, they provide a warehousing facility for the goods to be safe from all kinds of losses and can be found easily at the time of need.


Cargo visibility


It is vital to have clear visibility of the goods during the transportation process. Shippers are always looking for options that offer transparent services. A continuous tracking facility helps shippers to have a sense of security and transparency. The freight forwarding companies in Dubai, like SLR shipping services LLC, provide efficient tracking facilities to their customers to have complete visibility of their Cargo.