What is the Procedure for Resetting the Godrej Washing Machine?
What is the Procedure for Resetting the Godrej Washing Machine?
What are some common washing machine problems and the possible way to deal with them?

Most of the latest Godrej washing machines have a reset option that allows you to start the washer when it encounters an error or fault. The reasons behind these issues include voltage fluctuation or imbalanced loads, or any other types of interruptions in power. 


Some washers come with an easy option to reset the motor; on the other hand, many washing machines do not have the reset button. 


In such cases, unplugging the washer and then reconnecting it typically serves to reset it. Before you start dealing with the issue, make sure your hands are dry before touching the buttons, circuit breaker, or power cord. 


Certain issues with washing machines may require you to seek assistance from an authorized service technician. Let's take a closer look at some common washing machine problems and the possible way to deal with them.


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Won't Start or Stopped Abruptly


If the Godrej washing machine isn't starting or stopped abruptly during the process, make sure it's powered. Connect a portable night bulb (2 pin plug) or an ALL OUT (mosquito machine) or another gadget into the outlet and test it and check if they are working correctly on the same socket point. 


If not, look in your circuit box to find a tripped MCB (circuit breaker). Check if you can open the door or lid of your washing machine.


If the washer stops during a wash cycle, try to make sure that the load is adjusted back in a balanced state. Make sure that the drain hose is not clogged, and if needed, clear the drain hose or the bottom drain debris trapper section by opening its cap (do not confuse it with the best washing machine big cover). 


If it doesn't work, remove the plug from the outlet, turn on the circuit breaker, and then switch it back ON until the breaker clicks into place. Plug it back into the outlet, then press the power on/ restart button.


Certain machines (older models) might require you to change your knob to a specific setting for the reset function to work. For other washing machines, press and hold down the button that says "Start-Pause" or "Stop" for 5-10seconds and then try to switch on the washing machine. Perform a basic spin and rinse cycle to ensure that your Godrej washing machine is operating properly and the washer display is not showing any error codes.


Washers without a Reset Button


If your Godrej washing machine doesn't have a reset button, then you need to reset the washer manually by switching off the unit from the socket point and unplugging it.

But if you are unable to access the socket point/outlet of the washing machine to reset it manually, start with switching OFF the circuit breaker (MCB). The MCB should remain off for 30 seconds to one minute, based on the model of the washing machine or the instructions in the user's manual. 


If the washer has an adjustable knob, you can turn the dial clockwise to any other cycle, other than the present cycle or the "Final Spin." Use the button controls to choose any washing cycle (except the two options mentioned above) and confirm the water has started entering your Godrej washing machine. 


  • Switch the Washing machine OFF

  • Switch the breaker back ON

  • Switch ON the washing machine again


Certain washing machines from other brands may require you to lift and shut the washer lid six times after plugging the machine (to reset the motor).


You can also use the above steps for Panasonic washing machines or other branded washers apart from Godrej washing machines. Many washers with programmable controls come with a reset feature. This function eliminates an accidental "Delay Start" command and resets the controls in case of a programming error when the machine fails to start. 


The procedure for resetting is different depending on the make and model. Certain models require turning the knob to reset by pushing "Off" or the power switch "Off." Choose the program you want to use. Hit the power button to start the machine. If the machine features the "Cancel" button, push it to eliminate the error. Then, press to push the "Pause" or "Stop" button to restart the washer.


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