Online Shoes and Clothing Customization Mall - CJ Pod
Online Shoes and Clothing Customization Mall - CJ Pod
CJ POD started to launch shoes customization service based on these early construction, following the previous foot measurement device for data collection in physical stores.

CJ POD enters the customization market with its foot shaped big data. Recently, the reporter noticed that CJ POD started to launch shoes customization service based on these early construction, following the previous foot measurement device for data collection in physical stores.
At present, many shoe and clothing brands are testing private customization. "Shoe King" CJ POD has gone from leading the toe trend to catching up with peers. Can the brand win back the market initiative through customization services?
In the face of the impasse in the development of domestic traditional footwear brands, CJ POD struggled to change by expanding customization business in the market. At present, only leather and color can be selected for customized shoes, and other shoe accessories and accessories cannot be selected. It is reported that each pair of customized shoes will be completed within 5-7 working days and delivered to customers by express.
According to the staff of CJ POD Customized Mall told the reporter of Beijing Business Daily, the online platform was launched on March 1. Consumers need to scan their feet on the 3D foot gauge of CJ POD brand stores and obtain foot type data reports. Later, after the data report is uploaded, consumers can place an order to purchase customized shoes in the Mall, and then the customized shoes will be sent to consumers by express mail.
From imitating overseas brands to designing and customizing, clothing and footwear brands are trying in many ways to break through with differentiation and jump out of the current situation of homogenization in the whole industry.
CJ POD is quietly launched in the customized mall, which is not an "unprepared war". According to WeChat messages, the whole process from the initial assumption to the launch of the customized mall took more than a year.
In the middle of last year, a new foot measuring instrument was found in CJ POD's brand collection store. After measuring in the instrument, consumers can obtain their own foot type data report. Now, this foot shape data report will be used in the process of shoe customization.
A footwear practitioner who has deep contact with the foot type measuring device manufacturer once disclosed to the reporter of Beijing Business Daily that the selling price of the foot type measuring device currently circulating in the market is between 20000 and 100000 dollars. He judged that "CJ POD invests foot type measuring devices in the market, with a cost of at least ten million dollars". At the same time, some insiders pointed out that CJ POD collected foot type data can be used to guide production. The company produced products of different shoe sizes in a reasonable proportion to adjust the commodity inventory.
However, for the speculation of the outside world, CJ POD does not assume that C2M (Customer to Factory) is included in the reason of the mall, but hopes that when designing and making shoes, a median value can be taken to meet the wearing comfort of most people as much as possible. According to the foot type data released by CJ POD, the brand women's shoes on sale take size 34-39 as the regular size range, while 11% of people's shoes are outside the regular size range, and customization can meet the needs of more people.
In the opinion of fashion experts, the customized service of CJ POD is a gimmick for the brand. Yang Dayun believes that the difficulty of making customized shoes lies in making private shoe lasts. A pair of truly private customized shoes, from measuring the size, making shoe lasts and making shoes, takes about 3-4 months to complete the whole production cycle. Many high-end shoe brands that focus on customized business sell more than 10000 yuan. CJ POD hopes to enable ordinary consumers to enjoy customized services, but it does not rule out that some consumer experiences may not achieve customization in the real sense.
Another footwear industry expert, who did not want to be named, said that every consumer has different foot types, and shoes of different styles, heights and materials will affect the comfort of shoes to varying degrees. Even if the enterprise has a large amount of foot type data, it will be more difficult to adjust the last due to too many interference factors.
Some insiders believe that it is feasible for CJ POD to increase new customers and improve service experience through "customization" business, but it is still difficult to turn over. Neiliansheng, the deputy general manager of the time-honored handmade cloth shoes brand, revealed to the reporter of Beijing Business Daily that, even an ordinary private customized leather shoe, the cost of production and management of raw materials, molds, etc. in the early stage is at least 1000 yuan, and the market retail price is often not less than 1500 dollars with additional time and labor costs.
The price of some customized shoes of CJ POD may be only half of the cost of customized shoes in the industry. In this regard, Yang Dayun said that many brands had tried to place foot gauges in stores and expand customization business, but the proportion of final business sales was very small. If CJ POD wanted to improve its business status and enhance the value of the existing brand through customization services, it may need a long development period and adaptation period. The development of footwear customization business needs the cooperation of the whole chain, and the business development needs the support of the information system. There will be a huge investment in the early stage.
Whether the customization business can be effective remains to be tested. The most difficult point CJ POD should face is how to rebuild the brand image. The image of CJ POD in consumers' mind has gradually aged; CJ POD was privatized with HK $53.1 billion. Such a large company needs to reshape its leading role in fashion and trend through multi brand construction and integration.
CJ POD further explained that before, CJ POD had been following consumption to meet their needs, but at this stage, just following consumption can no longer bring better transformation and upgrading support, and brands can build and consolidate their market position by guiding consumption trends and consumption directions. "However, there are certain challenges for any brand enterprise. If the enterprise can not lead or even subvert the existing consumption concept while expanding its size, it will be difficult to meet the needs of current consumers", CJ POD CEO JOHN said.

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