4 Things to Look for In Kids Slippers
4 Things to Look for In Kids Slippers
Are you looking for slippers for kids to help keep them comfy on the weekend? There are a few factors you might want to consider when you are choosing which kids slippers to purchase. From the type of lining that will keep little toes warm to finding a durable outsole that is perfect for adventures both inside and outside, the right slippers can help your kids have fun.

When you are looking to buy slippers for kids, you’re sure to have many different options to choose from. There are certain design elements you might want to look for when you are buying kids slippers. Whether it’s how the slipper keeps your little one’s toes warm and dry or how they can take them on adventures outside, these variables can determine which slippers are a good fit for your child. Here are some key features to consider.

Straps for Toddlers

First, if you are getting slippers for a toddler, make sure they have an elastic strap on the back. This will help keep their tiny shoes on, making sure your little one’s feet stay warm and comfy. Otherwise, they are likely to slip off. You can slip them on with no trouble and pull the strap around your child’s heel. Best of all, the strap allows your toddler to shuffle around in cozy slippers all day, keeping their feet comfortable while having fun all around your home.

Warmth for Small Toes

Next, you will want to search for a wool blend or sheepskin lining and collar in your kids slippers. These will keep your children’s feet warm and cozy, making sure their toes are always warm. Additionally, a sheepskin or wool footbed can also provide additional softness while keeping their little feet comfortable. On a cold morning or evening, these features are perfect for a warm, cozy feeling. Plus, since the wool and sheepskin help regulate temperature, your kids’ feet will still be cozy without overheating on a summer day. There won’t be any cold toes tiptoeing around the home with the right lining and footbed.

A Solid Sole for Adventures

Do your kids love having outdoor adventures on weekends but don’t want to get out of their comfy slippers? Then you will want to search for slippers with a durable outsole. The softness of the sheepskin or wool inside will help keep them comfy, while the durable outsole will let them go outside without fear of wearing out their slippers. Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) is the most common material for durable soles. It’s lightweight, has more elasticity than PVC rubber, and can take the wear and tear of kids having fun around the house and outdoors.

Fun Designs

You can also look for fun designs for your slippers for kids. It could be a hickory color in a design that matches your slippers, helping your little ones feel like you both have the same slippers. Or, you could choose something bright pink and glittery. You can get them moccasins that look just like Dad’s but are a smaller version of styles adults love. The key is to look for adorable styles that your kids will love and also match their personality.


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