3 Pieces of Footwear You Need on Your Next Camping Trips
3 Pieces of Footwear You Need on Your Next Camping Trips
Are you going camping this summer? You need footwear that takes your adventure to the next level. You don’t want to get to the campsite and realize you don’t have shoes for a hike, or your footwear isn’t comfortable while hanging out around the campfire. From summer slippers to sturdy hikers, here are three styles of footwear you need to bring camping.

Camping is one of the quintessential summer experiences. Even if you aren’t an avid outdoor explorer, spending a night or two at a local campsite can create lifelong memories. The key to having a successful camping trip is making sure you are prepared. Plenty of food, fire starters, and camping chairs are a must, but have you thought about your footwear? The wilderness is a diverse environment that demands you have the right shoes for every situation. Whether you need wide width boots for men or slippers for around the fire, the proper footwear can support you on all your adventures. So, when you go camping this summer, bring these three footwear styles along for a fun experience.

Explore the Woods in Hikers Built to Withstand the Elements

You can’t go camping without a bit of exploration. The woods, mountains, valleys, and rivers are calling your name, and you must answer the call. The first boot in your camping ensemble should be a hiking boot ready to take you down the trails of adventures. Whether you’re heading on a five-mile hike to the local lookout point or exploring the area around your campsite to find good kindling to start your fire, you need hikers that protect your feet and keep you comfortable. Look for boots with water-resistant technology and a rubber outsole that is tough and protective. You also want to make sure they fit well, so if you need some extra room, give wide width boots for men or women a try. You’ll be off exploring in no time.

Switch Into Versatile Casual Boots for Hanging Around the Campsite

A great part of camping is the moment between exciting adventures where you have a little downtime to rest and relax. You get to sit down and breathe the fresh air of nature. During these peaceful times, you want footwear that keeps your feet comfortable and warm but still has the versatility to get you around the campground. Find boots with materials that help you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Sheepskin lining and footbeds, suede uppers, and a lightweight rubber outsole are features of a boot that you’ll never want to take off while you’re roasting marshmallows, reading a book, or playing cards with the family.

Slip Into Comfortable Footwear at Night

Once the sun sets and the cool air starts to settle in around you, nothing beats a good pair of slippers while you’re camping. Keep them by the entrance of your tent, and you can slip them on and off at a moment’s notice. Slippers are the ultimate nighttime camping footwear. Wear them inside your tent while telling ghost stories, or grab kids slippers so the whole family can wear matching styles during an early morning breakfast. They are even an excellent option for the car ride to and from the campground so you can let your feet relax after a weekend of fun times and exploration.


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