How to make things work naturally?
How to make things work naturally?
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How to make things work naturally?

Make things work naturally!

Shockingly, most of the products that we use on our daily regime are chemical based! Of course, they are going to be harmful for our health and environment. Globally the chemical waste that we are moving out is becoming more dangerous and it is definitely going to be helpful to look for a natural alternative. Be it a hair care oil, hair coloring or even washing clothes there is a natural alternative and here is the list

Herbal hair oil mix:

Yogi’s Gift offers a mix of 18 herbs that is essential for strengthening hair and help in avoiding hair loss. Here is the list of herbs in the pack 1. Vetiver root 2. Screw tree pods 3. Hibiscus flowers 4. Curry leaves 5. Fenugreek seeds 6. Dried Amla berry 7. Senna flowers 8. Black cumin seeds 9. Rose petals 10. Alkanet 11. White turmeric 12. Spanish cherry flower 13. Babchi seeds 14. Tulsi leaves 15. Henna seeds 16. Sweet flag. 17. Myrobalan, 18. Neem seeds

Take this mix in a container and pour oil (coconut oil) until the herbs are fully dipped. Shake it well and start using it after 48 hours. Ensure to massage the hair roots while applying the oil.

Sidr powder

Sidr powder is great alternative to the harmful shampoos. Often, we are mesmerised by the artificial fragnances added to the shampoos. The good smell in them makes us believe that they are good but in reality it is not. Sidr leaves powder is gonna be messy to use it for hair wash however it has proven results to clean the hair harmlessly and bring up voluminous hair.


Indigo powder

Coloring they grey hair is inevitable and the 5 minutes coloring chemicals attract us! However, we know that in the long term it is not good for our skin. The best natural coloring alternative is henna powder and indigo powder hair dye. To color your grey hair as black you would need both henna and indigo powder. It involves a two step process.

Here is the link to the detailed video that shows the best method to apply henna and indigo powder for hair



Soapnuts or soapberries are wild crafted berries mostly found in India and Nepal. They have natural saponins that has the cleansing property. Traditionally, the soapnuts have been used to clean clothes and vessels. However, the ease of completing a task has made us move towards the detergents. Buy soapnuts online from our online store If you are looking for soapnuts for laundry or soapnuts in bulk, we supply the best ones. The seeds are removed and only the shells are supplied. We accept payment through PayPal with buyer protection.