Belle Regali Naturale Wholesale Artisan Products Online ...
Belle Regali Naturale Wholesale Artisan Products Online ...
Nature is the beautiful gift that we have. Belle Regali naturale soap and accessories like soap dishes or boxes all are made from natural products. It provides many gift sets of soap with many types of soap with a dish or soap box. like combo.

Belle Regali Naturale Wholesale Artisan Products Online ...

We are a group of devoted yogis who have firsthand knowledge of the power of nature to heal, reenergize, and uplift the mind, body, and spirit. We think that these benefits should be available to everyone.

Belinda, the creator of our product, has put in a lot of time studying and earning a certification in aromatherapy as well as the traditional crafts of candle and soap making. She understands how to use essential oils to their full potential while maintaining the utmost respect for Mother Nature. Our love and respect for nature are at the heart of a carefully selected selection of high-quality products and experiences that Belinda and the team are passionate about sharing with you. We want to provide you with the tools you need to heal, realign, and thrive, from the exclusive products we use to the boutique yoga retreats we will soon offer.

Welcome to honor nature’s greatest gift.


An essential component of all we do and produce is to respect the environment and our bodies. We support…


The artisan gifts of nature are revered. All Belle Regaliarticiansproducts are gentle on both the environment and the skin. We exclusively use 100% natural ingredients in everything we make, including our blends, colors, and botanicals.


We think that anything we breathe in or put on our skin ought to be devoid of toxins and artificial substances. This is the basis for our existence and the motivation behind our ardent desire to produce superior natural products for you.

free of cruelty.

Since we oppose animal cruelty, we never use any ingredients that could injure or cause suffering to an animal or other living thing. The suppliers we work with and we ourselves do not conduct animal testing or support it.


Animal-derived components are not used in our products. 100% of our products are suitable for vegans.

Plastic-free environment

We avoid using plastic wherever we can. We use compostable labels and acid-free tissue paper, and all of our packagings is completely recyclable. We always use environmentally safe cards and glue to package all of our soaps and items. We ship using recycled mailing bags, recyclable boxes, and paper tape. Our business has made the decision to use fewer single-use plastics when we can.


Greenwashing is not what we do. Regarding the processes used to create each of our products, we will always be truthful and open. To help you decide wisely before buying, we explicitly identify all of our ingredients.


Transparency is one of the guiding principles of our business. We value educated decision-making and are pleased to provide a dictionary of the substances we use in our goods as well as the advantages they offer.

Regardless of your needs, we develop our own exclusive essential oil product mixes to provide your day with the ideal balance. Oils, butter, essential oils, colors, and botanicals are just a few of the beautiful, natural components that are employed.

It is crucial to understand the origins and manufacturing procedures of each ingredient. We have got recognized certificates for all of our goods, but most significantly for our soaps, and we fully comply with EU and UK standards. The regulation requires us to list the botanical names of each ingredient (also known as INCI names) on our labels, so we have done so.


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