Kia Survival Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit For Campfires Firestarter
Kia Survival Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit For Campfires Firestarter
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Included in the fire kit is the Ferro Rod and Tinder Pack. These alone can get a good fire going but it is always recommended to carry a second fire starting source just in case.  That is why we made the fire pouch large enough to fit extra lighters or matches (we recommend a lighter)

Starting a fire is briefly covered in your KEA Survival Guide. But here we will break down the process of how to use the fire kit to get a fire starter. 




This great little tool is simple to use but very powerful. The Ferroconium rod creates hot sparks that will like any tinder with ease



To get the most out of the Ferro Rod:

  • Always use the tungsten striker against the rod on a 45 degree angle 
  • To get a better spark, slowly scrape some of the metal off the rod onto your tinder before lighting. 
  • Use all sides of the Ferro rod so it wears down evenly

Firestarter for Campfires

Setting up your Ferro Rod


  1. Unscrew the top cap to reveal the striker
  2. Unscrew the middle section from the base.
  3. Screw the base section into the top of the Ferro Rod section
  4. Check the Rod is screwed in tightly
  5. Scrape the black coating off to reveal the metal. 
  6. Your now ready to make some sparks!



The cotton tinder is a great asset to have for starting any fire, it catches a spark easily and has a long burning time.


To get the most out of the Tinder:

  • Use your fingernail to peel off small amounts from the log and then separate it with your fingers to make a cotton ball. If you struggle to peel with a fingernail, use the knife to cut a slot at one end of the log and then use your fingers to peel. 
  • Use sparingly, a small amount is all you need if you have constructed your fire properly
  • Always try keep it dry by storing tightly in the tinder case