Make This Halloween Fun and Inspiring for Your Employees
Make This Halloween Fun and Inspiring for Your Employees
Which holiday has the most potential for fun office activities, employee gifts and awards, great food, and inspirational office decorations? If you thought of Halloween, there are millions of people out there who would agree with you. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for optimizing employee engagement, team building, and having plenty of fun while you do it. All you need is a bit of inspiration and creativity.

When done right, Halloween can be one of the most fun holidays of the year for any office. What other holiday inspires so much creativity and provides so many opportunities for entertaining team building and bonding? Making the most of Halloween for your employees could mean wearing whimsical costumes, giving themed employee awards, and hosting unforgettable events. Here are five ways to inspire your team and encourage some fun this Halloween.

Dress It Up: Costume Themes or Contests

Traditional Halloween costume events might include something like a costume party or costume contest. They remain perennial favorites for offices and are an excellent opportunity to reward team members with employee gifts and awards. You may want to have everyone vote on winners for best costume, funniest costume, most creative costume, and so on. Additionally, you might decide to have a costume theme for the office, such as famous horror movie villains or a different category specific to your team’s interests.

Figure It Out: Murder Mystery Team Building

The escape room is becoming an iconic puzzle-based team-building exercise, and a spooky escape room with a murder mystery theme is the perfect option for Halloween. Before escape rooms got so popular, you might have played a team-based murder mystery game. This collaborative classic is a great throwback option. It’s available in several different versions, can even be played remotely, and remains as fun as ever.

Decorate Your Space: Inspirational Office Art

Just about as iconic as Halloween costumes are Halloween decorations. Like costumes and costume contests, Halloween decorations can either be a fun enhancement of the spookiest holiday’s spirit or part of the competition. Decorating can be the perfect opportunity to add some new inspirational content to the office decor, like beautiful autumnal motivational posters. If you opt for a bit of competition, team members can decorate their individual workspace decorations, and everyone can vote on whose space they like best based on quality and creativity.

Have a Feast: Halloween Meals or Potluck

What is the best part about pretty much every holiday your team celebrates in the office? That’s right—the food! It can be the classic holiday-themed office potluck or a catered Halloween meal. Everyone can choose a fun or spooky Halloween-themed dish to bring. Some ideas could be cookies shaped like spiders, pigs in a blanket made to look like mummies, or white chocolate-dipped strawberry ghosts. If catering is more your style, a Halloween breakfast is becoming a popular tradition in offices around the country.

Listen to Your Team: Get Employee Input

Although there’s certainly something to be said for the element of surprise, all sorts of inspiring and team-building Halloween festivities can be chosen or suggested by your team members. Survey your employees and get their feedback. Would they prefer a costume competition or a costume party, an escape room or a murder mystery board game, a potluck or a catered meal? If you’re concerned about losing the element of surprise, take a poll beforehand. They might prefer to have a more active role in the party's planning, or they might appreciate a surprise. With a little inspiration and team collaboration, this Halloween in the office is sure to be a blast.

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