Gorgeous Travel Agency Flyer Templates to Grow Your Travel Business
Gorgeous Travel Agency Flyer Templates to Grow Your Travel Business
Traveling is the best cure for boredom. Exploring new places on special occasions or any day is like witnessing the beauty around.

Traveling is the best cure for boredom. Exploring new places on special occasions or any day is like witnessing the beauty around. With the travel industry accelerating its pace, more and more people want to visit new places. This has led to an exponential growth in travel agencies, planners, and businesses.

If you’re one of the travel planners, agencies, or businesses, you know how stiff the competition is. You constantly have to draw the attention of your target audience to make them show their interest in your business. There are many ways to get the words out about your business.

One of the most tried and tested ways is — distributing flyers.

Flyers are a form of paper advertisement proposed for wider distribution. They are either distributed or posted in public places. But to catch people’s attention, your flyers have to be well-designed.

These are cost-effective and versatile. When designed well, flyers can reach your target audience with your message at the right time.

Here, we have compiled a list of travel agency flyer templates to help you create an impactful flyer.

Print and Web-ready Vector Illustration Travel Flyer Templates 

When you want to create web-ready and print-ready files out of your travel flyers, it's better to opt for vector illustration templates. You have to download the illustrator file, customize, and save it for print or web projects. The fun elements and graphics added to such templates make a lasting impression. 

Holiday Travel Sale Flyer Templates 

Are you a travel company looking to promote sales during holidays? If yes, you can check out free flyer templates based on a holiday sale theme. You can download the file in illustrator and Photoshop both. As templates come in fully editable formats, you can customize them to match your branding or theme. 

Cruise Party Sale Flyer Templates 

Cruise tourism is a popular form of tourism. It's gaining momentum among travelers of all ages as it involves a luxurious holiday on a ship for a day or more. If your travel company organizes cruise travels, you can get the words out about it using a cruise party flyer. The flyer will help you include all the details related to it. Using a cruise flyer template enables you to design templates your flyer the way you like with minimum effort.

Beach tour Flyer Templates 

Sunshine is the best medicine as the ocean breeze puts the mind at ease. If your travel agency is all about organizing exotic beach vacations, it’s time to spread the word around. Choose free flyer templates based on beach themes to give people a thorough look into your beach travel packages. You can add beach-related graphics and elements to drive the attention of your target audience. 

Family Tour Package Flyer Templates 

In recent years, family tours have become the best way to explore the world. You can attract people to your travel packages by creating a customized family tour flyer. There are hundreds of family tour flyer templates on the Web; pick any that matches your theme and start customizing.

You can use graphics showing people traveling with their families for maximum impact.

Summer Holiday Gateways Flyer Templates 

Come summer season, and people start flocking to summer gateways to beat the heat. If you are all about weekend or summer gateways, you can attract people's attention using a relevant flyer template.

Use summer-appropriate colors, elements, and graphics to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Traveling Friends Holiday Flyer Templates 

Travel goals often get fulfilled when friends explore places together. If your agency offers tour packages for friends and college students, you can leverage a flyer to attract their attention. Add fun text, graphics, and elements for a powerful impression.

Use a free template that allows you to add a custom image and custom elements.

World Tour Flyer Templates 

Do you want to target people who are globe-trotters? If yes, creating a world tour flyer would benefit that purpose. Pick flyer templates with a world tour theme and list your services accordingly. Then, highlight the best part of your plan and compel the audience to reach you using the contact info given on the flyer.

Jungle Safari Flyer Templates 

If you offer jungle safaris or tour packages, a flyer proves to be the best way to get the words out. To make such appealing flyers, you can take the help of free flyer templates available on the Web. Make the most of these templates; you can customize them to your needs. You can add the text, colors, fonts, and graphics of your choice for maximum impact.

Amusement Park Tour Flyer Templates 

Who doesn’t want to visit an amusement park and have fun? Almost everyone — child, teenager, adult, or old — loves to go to such parks and enjoy their day. If you arrange such tours, you can make a flyer and hand it to people to get the words out. Make sure to add activities to grab the attention of people. Also, add all the required details for a quick call to action.

Online free flyer templates are best for such purposes. 

Hiking Trip Flyer Templates 

There is nothing better than discovering the awe-inspiring nature and wildlife. Hiking allows travelers to seek solace and explore nature. If you organize hiking trips for people, advertise them using templates. Browse through free hiking flyer templates and customize them to your needs. You can easily display the type of hiking you provide, along with changes, days, and itineraries. 


Flyer templates simplify how you advertise or get the words about your business. They are easy to create and customize. You can browse hundreds of travel flyer templates on the Web to convey your message and promote your products/services. 

Use any of the earlier said templates for stunning flyer design. Don’t forget to let us know any other travel flyer templates you know.