Get Your Upholstery Cleaned by the Pros in End of Tenancy Cleaning Kingston!
Get Your Upholstery Cleaned by the Pros in End of Tenancy Cleaning Kingston!
Get Your Upholstery Cleaned by the Pros in End of Tenancy Cleaning Kingston!

When you move out of your old property, it’s best to do so in its most pristine condition, from the freshly painted walls to the sparkling flooring and furniture. And if you’re like most people, getting your upholstery clean before moving day may not have been on your radar as something that needs to be done when planning your move out of Kingston upon Thames . But believe us when we say that this is an absolute must-do if you don’t want to have to pay your landlord top dollar to get it done once you’ve vacated the premises.  Each of our skip rubbish bins is designated for different types of disposable refuse, so before you hire one of our rubbish bins, take stock of what you need to throw into them to choose the right rubbish bin hire for your project. Unfortunately, extra charges will apply if the wrong materials are thrown into the wrong ASAP skip bins, so make sure you’re getting the right one! If you aren’t sure, give our team a call and we’ll chat with you about your options and help you select the perfect bin for your hire.

Reasons to Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaners

Professional upholstery cleaners are a must when there’s an end of tenancy cleaning Kingston. These professionals use the most advanced, safe and thorough methods for upphlsterty cleaning. That way you can get your upholstery cleaned quickly, easily and at a great price. You also have less to worry about with professional help as they will bring their own tools and are fully insured so you don’t have to worry about any liabilities or damages caused during upholstery cleaning. Plus, they’ll offer you some professional advice on how to take care of your upholstered pieces more effectively at home. And if all that wasn’t enough – professional upholstery cleaners do an outstanding job at carpet cleaning too!

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If you are looking for a reliable upholstery cleaner in End of Tenancy Cleaning Kingston, then you need to contact our professional cleaners at End of Tenancy Cleaning Kingston. We have been the number one provider for carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning services in the region. So if you’re looking for a true value, we’re your go-to company. To find out more about our importance enf of tenancy cleaning services, contact us now!


How We Go About It

Even if you are careful to keep your upholstery clean, over time dirt and grime will work its way into fabric and seams. Some soiling can be removed with a vacuum cleaner and some warm water but others not so much. Professional upholstery cleaners are equipped with professional vacuums that are ideal for lifting more stubborn bits from deeper in the fabric. They also have commercial grade cleaning solutions that dissolve dirt and grime from seams without damaging delicate materials like silk, wool or velvet. The soft cloths these pros use will never scratch delicate materials either. Plus, these pros have experience using their skills to get just about any stain out including blood stains and wine spills!

Why Our Result Is Remarkable


If you want your sofas, upholstered furnishings and bedding to look their best but don’t want to worry about the whole process then we are your go-to. In this day and age, who has time to get on their hands and knees with a brush to try and remove dried on cat vomit from the carpet? Call us for professional upholstery cleaning at a price that fits any budget. We will take care of all upholstered items: sofas, armchairs, loveseats, ottomans, loveseats and couches. And if you’re selling or just moving house our deep carpet cleaning services will have your home looking brand new.