Ethereum Community and ERC20 also Standards and initiatives in the Blockchain ecosystem
Ethereum Community and ERC20 also Standards and initiatives in the Blockchain ecosystem
The Ethereum community is an open, very active and numerous community of Blockchain experts, and it proposes improvements and new ideas to advance the exploitation of the technology to its full potential. This is where the most popular and used token to date comes from: the ERC20 token.

Ethereum Community and ERC20 :

ERC20 tokens are used to represent and manage tokens of the fungible type, that is, tokens that can be exchanged with other tokens of the same type since they share common properties and can be divisible. A fungible token is a currency, in its physical version or digital version. If we pay for a service with a ticket, it does not matter if we use a ten-euro bill that we have in our pocket, or if we use a ticket that we have in our bag, or even if we use ten one-euro coins to pay for that service; its value in this context will be the same. The ERC20 token development service standard also defines a common interface to be able to interact with the Smart Contracts that implement these tokens with a series of optional and mandatory functions.

Standards and initiatives in the Blockchain ecosystem :

In the case of ERC20 tokens, they all have virtually identical representation. These gamification tokens are worth the same among all and are divisible. If I have ten Gamification Tokens, I can split them to exchange for a prize worth two Gamification Tokens, and I will keep the remaining eight.

Conclusions :

The tokens in Blockchain they allow us to represent any asset, good, thing or procedure. One of the most obvious uses is the representation of digital currencies; We can create digital currencies from scratch by assigning them names and giving them the corresponding validity and uses in a specific Blockchain implementation. We can represent access rights and shared resources, for example, storage space, processing power of a computer, etc. We can also represent values ​​with intrinsic value, such as gold, a car, energy, oil, etc. This type of representation will allow us to have complete traceability of the life cycle of this type of goods. We can also represent actions of a legal entity, such as a company or a large corporation

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