Crushing Paintball and Airsoft with the Best Tactical Gear
Crushing Paintball and Airsoft with the Best Tactical Gear
Paintball and airsoft are both a whole lot of fun and can also provide useful experience in strategic thinking and tactical operation. That makes legitimate tactical gear a bonus for anyone who is serious about crushing their next paintball or airsoft match. For instance, the best tactical boots you can find are definitely going to help, but don’t forget the gloves and a shemagh scarf.

There’s no denying that a good round of paintball or airsoft is a whole lot of fun. It’s also effective for basic tactical training and strategic thinking, with low stakes. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to put your high-quality tactical gear to the test. Whether your goal is to get used to the feel and performance of the gear in a mock-operational setting or just to crush your next paintball or airsoft match, consider some of these strategies.

Stay Grounded – True Military Boots

What other type of footwear has gone through more rigorous testing and has to meet higher standards than military and tactical footwear? Discover some of the most rugged, reliable, and comfortable in-action footwear on the market by looking for the best tactical boots you can find. Be sure to source them from a trusted vendor of authentic military and tactical gear.

Keep Your Grip – Shooting Gloves

Military and tactical gloves are made for more than just looking cool. They can provide a better grip on your weapon, reduce slippage from sweat, and protect your hands. You’ll be glad you wore those hard knuckle gloves the next time you take a close-range paintball to the hand.

Kitted Out – A Chest Rig

A fully kitted-out chest rig provides plenty of benefits. For one, it can function as a layer of protection against central mass paintball welts. Finding a MOLLE-compatible rig also provides you the benefit of conveniently carrying a whole lot of gear. MOLLE pouches are perfect for holding basically anything that will fit in them—snacks, extra ammo, CO2 canisters, a canteen of water—you name it.

Keep ’em Peeled – Tactical Eye Protection

Eye protection is always a priority when you’re engaging in any activity that involves small, high-velocity projectiles. Thankfully, it’s easy to protect your eyes at your next match—pick up some tactical eye protection. Consider the shatterproof, exceedingly comfortable Wiley X Saber Advanced Ballistic Glasses One Lens System. These next-level APEL, ANSI, and MIL compliant specs are built to protect your eyes from shrapnel, so they should do the trick on an airsoft or paintball park. They are also made to keep sweat and debris out of your eyes.

Protect Your Neck – Shemagh Scarf

There is a saying that may or may not have existed before now—everybody’s tough until they take a paintball to the throat. After your eyes, your throat is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. Unfortunately, it’s all too often overlooked in paintball and airsoft loadouts. Take a cue from tactical operators all over the world and pick up a shemagh scarf for your next match. Good luck, and watch your six.

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