Busting Common Myths About Commercial Cleaning Services
Busting Common Myths About Commercial Cleaning Services
Most cleaning services have flexible schedules and will do their best to accommodate to your schedule to ensure minimal interference during peak times.

A major reason why people shy away from hiring commercial cleaning services for their commercial spaces, or hesitate a little before doing so is because of some common myths that have been floating around about the industry for a while now. Here, we help make your decision easier by debunking some common myths:

Cleaning Services are not trustworthy

It is understandable where this myth originates from. Most commercial cleaning services work on your premises alone, after everyone has left for the day. For a lot of business owners and managers, it can be very tough to put so much trust in people outside of the organisation, but when it comes to most licensed commercial cleaning services, this worry is unfounded.

Almost all cleaning companies conduct thorough background checks on all their employees and screen them prior to hiring. They only hire the most trustworthy of people, precisely because they know how much trust you are putting in them by allowing them to be alone on your premises. They are professionals in all senses of the word, are thoroughly trained and will be in and out of the property, leaving it spotless in no time at all without any harm done to your belongings or facility. Most cleaning businesses also have quality and compliance checks and audits, so you can be sure that cleaning is being carried out to your satisfaction.

You only need to hire cleaning services on a needs basis

Many commercial building owners believe that if it doesn’t look visibly dirty, it doesn’t need to be cleaned, and hire a cleaner on a one-off basis when needed. This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are several people in your office or commercial building going in and out all day, touching surfaces, coughing, sneezing and eating on surfaces. Additionally, there is always dust and pollen floating about in the air and settling on surfaces.

Not maintaining proper hygiene standards by getting professional cleaners to regularly conduct high touchpoint cleaning and occasionally deep cleaning will lead to sick employees, lower productivity and revenue loss. As an employer, it is also your responsibility to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment for your employees, which makes a commercial cleaner a necessity.

Your employees can take care of cleaning duties

If they haven’t been hired to do so, they shouldn’t be expected to pick up a mop or toilet brush and start cleaning at the end of the day. You hired your employees to do their job, and having to spend time cleaning will only lead to distracted, stressed and unhappy employees. Yes, you may expect your employees to pick up after themselves and keep their designated areas clean, but deep cleans and high touchpoint cleaning is best left up to the experts.

Commercial cleaning services are too expensive

They don’t have to be! You don’t have to get all of the services they offer. In fact, many commercial cleaning services allow you to create your customised packages, based on the services you require, the frequency of cleaning, how much area you need cleaned and how many cleaners you need onboard. You can customise your package to suit your individual needs and keep it within your budget. Keeping your workspaces clean and sanitary will also result in fewer sick days off, greater productivity and happier employees, thus helping you save money in the long run.

Commercial cleaning services interfere with business operations

Not at all! As mentioned above, most cleaning services operate after-hours after the building has been vacated for the night, thus ensuring they don’t get in anyone’s way and are able to do a more thorough job. Want your cleaners to clean the premises early in the morning before anyone shows up instead? It can be done! Most cleaning services have flexible schedules and will do their best to accommodate to your schedule to ensure minimal interference during peak times.

You wouldn’t ask an employee to fix a burst pipe or a shortcircuiting appliance, but would immediately hire a plumber or electrician, as these professionals have the necessary training and expertise required to do a quick and safe job. Why leave the cleaning and upkeep of your property to your employees who haven’t received the proper training for the job? Look around for the best commercial cleaning service in your area and get a quote today!