6 Gifts to Recognize Employee Milestones
6 Gifts to Recognize Employee Milestones
Recognizing employee milestones is an important way to keep morale up while inspiring your team members. Employee recognition gifts can be as simple as a nice pen set or another gift related to the project they most recently finished. It’s a great way to show you care. Don’t forget employee anniversary gifts to highlight their time and dedication to the company. Knowing what to give is essential.

When it comes time to recognize employee milestones, employee gifts are a great way to recognize your employees’ achievements and improve the entire team’s morale. Whether it’s a work anniversary, an employee of the month celebration, or simply finishing an important project in time to meet the deadline, rewarding your employees can help you recognize and motivate your team members. Here are some employee gifts that are perfect for recognizing milestones.

Years of Service Awards

One of the most obvious milestones worth recognizing is years of service. On important work anniversaries, such as every five years, you might consider giving your team members employee anniversary gifts to commemorate their time with the company. There are plenty of different types, from acrylic numbers to crystals with the number of years displayed inside. It’s a great way to recognize the time and commitment they have dedicated to your organization.

Personalized Desk Clocks

Consider a personalized desk clock if you are looking for something a bit different for an anniversary or another time-related milestone. It’s something your recipient can put on their desk to remind them of their accomplishment each day. Find a desk clock that you can have personalized with the employee’s accomplishment, and they’ll have a decorative award that they’re sure to love showing off.

Planters or Other Desk Decorations

Do you give employee recognition gifts after team members have completed major projects? It’s a great idea to give employees a small token of appreciation when collaborating with others on a complex project or finishing work for a client. A planter with a motivational phrase can add some greenery to their workspace while helping liven up the workspace at the same time.

Pen Gift Sets and Other Themed Gifts

You can also choose a theme for the gifts you’ll give to team members for their accomplishments. For example, if they just finished a major project that involved a significant amount of writing, a pen gift set is a fantastic way to recognize their accomplishment. Find a pen set that provides a pen and a holder to complete the theme. Depending on the type of work done or the project itself, you can determine other fun themes to match.

Employee of the Month Awards

When an individual team member goes above and beyond, give them an employee of the month award. Have a plaque on a wall in the office showing off each month’s recipient and give the employee a reward of their own. They can proudly display their award on their desk as a reminder of their hard work and a source of motivation for other team members. It’s a fun way to incorporate some lighthearted competition and see who can collect the most awards by the end of the year.

Lapel Pins

Finally, if you are looking for something more subtle, consider giving your employees fun lapel pins. Celebrate their work anniversaries or a job well done with a lapel pin. They can wear it no matter your office culture. Or they have the option to pin it up in their office or workspace on a corkboard.

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