4 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Military Boots
4 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Military Boots
Whether you need to replace an old pair of Army boots, want a second pair, or are just looking to upgrade to the best military boots you can find, there are specific features that make a difference. Are the boots comfortable yet durable? Do the boots offer protection while remaining lightweight? Finding the right boots for you means knowing which features are most important to look for.

Whether your old Army boots are wearing out, you are looking for a second pair, or you just want to replace the ones you have, there are plenty of reasons to make an upgrade. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for increased traction, more durability, or a pair of boots that are better suited to a specific mission—the perfect boots are out there. Here are four reasons to consider upgrading your boots, whether you use them for duty or just for heading to the range.

Get Better Durability

Upgrading to the best military boots means you get better durability. Military boots must be durable because they often take a beating while on duty. They should be able to withstand constant use in conditions that may not be ideal. Usually, this means they need to be made from materials that are meant to last. Rubber and leather are common, as is nylon fabric. The lining is also important—it should hold up to your every move. Stitching matters too, as certain techniques ensure the stitches are more durable and won’t come loose.

Better Protection for Your Ankles

The best military boots are reinforced for your protection. They keep your ankle secure, helping to keep you stable. However, the best boots also remain lightweight and breathable while maintaining protection. Another feature to look for is a comfortable insole, which cushions the impact while protecting your feet. Some, like the Garmont T8 BIFIDA boots, are designed with a footbed cup system that ensures your feet are not only protected but also comfortable.

Increased Traction

Another way military boots keep you safe is with reliable traction. There is plenty of innovation in the way newer military boots handle various types of terrain, from the flexible sole of the Nike SFB Gen 2 boots to the angled lugs and rappelling bars on the outsole of the Tactical Research Khyber 2 boots. The key is to have plenty of traction to make sure you’re able to run, even on rough terrain, without having to worry that your boots will slow you down. Most outsoles are made of rubber, but not all rubber is created equal. For example, Under Armour uses MegaGrip rubber for superior traction.

More Suited to Your Mission

You can also upgrade to a boot that is more suited to your specific mission. If you are in a hot climate, you might want a lightweight, breathable pair of boots that will help you stay comfortable. If you are deployed to a colder climate, a heavy pair of boots will help keep you on your feet while ensuring you can stay warmer. The key is to choose a pair of boots that are best suited for the conditions you’ll be working in and the mission you’ll be completing.

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