10 Blockchain-as-a-Service Providers for Small and Large Businesses
10 Blockchain-as-a-Service Providers for Small and Large Businesses
Blockchain presents the perfect solution for today’s data-heavy business landscape.

Blockchain as a service providers

1. Bloq

2. Nodesmith

3. Dragonchain

4. Corda

5. Skuchain

6. Blockstream

7. Paystand

8. iCommunity

9. IBM

10. AWS


bloq helps you take advantage of existing blockchains by lending their infrastructure.

Behind the scenes, Bloq promises to manage your apps and data on the blockchain.

Currently, Bloq offers its services in two ways:

  • Connect and
  • Do not give

Block Connection

Bloq Connect is a Blockchain Service API (REST and Websocket) that helps you develop applications through the Blockchain. It allows you to build on top of major blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, etc.

Block Connect ensures scalability as you grow. It also boasts multiple real-time blockchain data within milliseconds with its smart caching system.

  • Block Nodes

This service addresses your concerns regarding blockchain node setup and management .

Similar to Connect, you can create your nodes on established blockchain networks in just a few clicks. This helps you avoid the technical complexities that otherwise come with node setup.

Nodes are currently available for seven blockchain networks including BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, etc.


It ensures fast data playback thanks to its smart caching layer.

It is primarily aimed at Web 3.0 developers.

Nodesmith is currently fully functional in three data centers around the world. And, with its latency-based routing, it ensures that all API requests are routed to the closest data center.

Currently, Nodesmith supports five blockchain networks, including Ethereum, AION, POA XDAI, etc.


Dragonchain ensures easy migration to blockchain development company as without you having a team of blockchain experts. It has quite a few business-ready apps specific to your needs. Let’s take a look at some of these.

  • Anti-fraud and compliance

Under this umbrella, Dragonchain offers security, transparency, and immutability to various business spheres such as fintech, supply chain, identity, and IoT (Internet of Things) and sensor data management.

  • Decentralized Identity

This caters to consumer identity management. It is an attempt to protect privacy and prevent data breaches with blockchain technology.

At the same time, it removes the burden on a company to store sensitive user data. It also helps in compliance with regulatory systems like GDPR.

  • Demonstrably fair systems

This is applicable if you run contests frequently. It can also be used for gifts. It helps prove to your users that your contests are really fair.

You can provide much-needed transparency in these situations, earning consumer trust and loyalty for your platform.

Similarly, Dragonchain has a Lyceum platform for the educational market. Lyceum can help prevent forged certifications and promotes fair play in training. In addition, it presents solutions to encourage people to develop specific skills for their work.

4.Corda :

In a word, Cuerda is a platform for blockchain application development.

It has a sample portfolio to help developers get started with their blockchain projects. These samples present use cases of the Corda platform and can jumpstart the application development process.

Also, all samples are licensed under Apache 2.0, so developers can use them to build their applications.

Corda uses smart contracts to help businesses transact seamlessly and in strict privacy. It also promises to keep transaction and data management costs to a minimum.


Next on the list of top BAAS companies is Skuchain .

With their website, you can easily find information specific to your industry. This helps you find the exact use case for your type of business and how Skuchain can help you with your blockchain expertise.


Block Stream has a group of blockchain-related products.

But its main product is the Liquid Network, a sidechain network for faster and more private transactions. Additionally, Blockstream also has a hot wallet (Aqua) and a hardware wallet (Jade) for liquid networks and bitcoin.

They also propose a 3-year cloud mining for bitcoin networks. Blockstream ensures its users to implement cold storage (such as hardware wallet) to prevent any hacking attempts by cyber criminals.


Paystand , as the name suggests, is a payment solutions company that has numerous products for a wide range of industries.

Provides Enterprise Blockchain development service as a category. This takes advantage of the blockchain’s anti-tampering features and applies them to the payments section of your business.

Paystand uses a hybrid blockchain to make records easily verifiable while maintaining the privacy of any party.

At the same time, the payment process is fast compared to a public blockchain.


iComunidad presents a platform for the development of blockchain applications without code.

It offers the option to develop on multiple blockchains while ensuring that all records are traceable. They also add certification to each data entry in addition to traceability.

They promise to take the hassle out of testing on the blockchain platform.

Their APIs can be integrated with some of the most popular software utilities ( Shopify , WooCommerce, etc.) and content management systems ( WordPress , etc.).


IBM, with its blockchain solutions affiliate , has something for everyone.

It has blockchain solutions for all major industries like automotive, healthcare, entertainment, travel, telecom etc.

Their websites also have a help section where you can inquire about the ROI of your blockchain investment.


No discussion of cloud services is complete without talking about Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Blockchain .

It facilitates easy joining to public networks or management of scalable and private blockchain networks.

Its solutions work for two leading enterprise blockchains: Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.

AWS secures trusted blockchain networks for your business to build and transact in bulk without bottlenecks.

Its platform allows you to choose a plan according to the number of nodes created and the storage required in the blockchain networks.

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