Conditions for opening a company in the UAE
Conditions for opening a company in the UAE
The UAE is characterized by facilitating the conditions and procedures for establishing companies for investors from around the world, helping them to provide all the factors and elements that help the success of projects and achieve the greatest possible profits.

opening a company in the UAE conditions :

The types of companies that investors want to establish vary due to the diversity of investments in the UAE, but most types agree on some conditions, the most important conditions for opening a company in the UAE:

  • Determine the type of activity you want to work with, and do a good feasibility study for this project and be sure to plan it well before starting it.
  • In addition to the importance of searching a lot until you find a strategic location for the company, this site will be established in which the company will be established i.e. it is considered as the main business headquarters.
  • One of the most important conditions for opening a company in Dubai and the requirements to be met is to choose a team with long experience and high skill in dealing with customers, because it will be the basic interface of the company.
  • Care must also be taken to complete all the required procedures, papers and documents related to the establishment and opening of a new company in the UAE.
  • The trade license must be obtained, i.e. a license to practice work, this license is obtained through the competent authorities and bodies.
  • Many alternative and different plans and ideas should also be developed, so that they can be used in case of any problem at work.
  • Be sure to consult experts and specialists in business projects, because they have many years of experience and knowledge and know how successful your project or company is.

Conditions for establishing a company in the free zone:

Some of the most important conditions for establishing a company in the free zone are:

  • The concerned person must submit all the required documents and papers to submit to the competent district administration.
  • Among the most important documents and required papers: a declaration dedicated to the imports of goods prepared by the General Authority for Investment, and the invoices and the package statement must be provided.
  • Bring an original of the declaration stating that the company operates under the system of free zones and that all goods received are of the necessary items licensed for commercial activity.
  • Customs dispatch must be requested and all customs procedures must be completed under the Customs Transit Certificate.
  • The quality of the activity must also be determined, the parties associated with this company must be identified and the legal form of it determined.
  • It should be noted that the legal form of companies that are incorporated in a free zone within the UAE has two different types: a free zone enterprise, or a free zone company but with limited liability.
  • Care should also be taken to choose a trade name for the new company, when the type of legal entity of the company is determined.

Conditions for opening an LLC:

Establishing an LLC is characterized by not needing long experience in the world of commerce for the possibility of establishing and establishing it, so here are the most important conditions for opening an LLC in the UAE to ensure the success of your company:

  • A power of attorney deed is an official deed that is presented to another person in the event that this person is delegated in the management of the company instead of the real owner, so we can say that it is considered as an official authorization from the director of the company.
  • Proof of identity of the person applying to open the limited liability company which is the national identity.
  • In case the person who is going to open an LLC is a minor, he must bring a true copy of his birth certificate.
  • In addition to the importance of confirming the appointment, this appointment is an official document that states and obliges the real owner of the company to appoint a responsible manager. Care must also be taken to appoint a group of expert and specialized accountants.

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