Why Does Your Business Require a White-Label Payment Gateway?
Why Does Your Business Require a White-Label Payment Gateway?
The idea of intelligent marketing evolved with the White-Labelling of products. A White-Label Payment Gateway is a bi-product of the evolution of the market

The idea of intelligent marketing evolved with the White-Labelling of products. A White-Label Payment Gateway is a bi-product of the evolution of the market. To start your own payment gateway business means coding every line for the payment processing channel.


Albeit there is another path for you. A White-Label Payment Solution Provider can serve the purpose with a huge room for you to grow and experience the industry.


The White-labelling helps your idea of becoming a Reseller, ISO, ISV, or a PSP business, a success. Thus, Gatewayeast provides the best payment processing solution for you.

What are the Strategic Benefits of a White-Label Payment Gateway?


When you White-Label a Payment Gateway for your business, you get several benefits.


Major Plugins


You don’t have to create codes for the integration of the plugins. You will have the independence to choose from the major plugins for your business.


Shopping Carts are changing the course of action for the merchants as well as the consumers. Gatewayeast has all the major shopping carts at your disposal. You can choose from an array to integrate the one that offers the best benefit for your business.

Easy Integration Capabilities


The integration capabilities of a White-Label Payment Service Provider explains a lot about the technology itself. Thus, choosing the right service provider for your business is the key to your outgrowth.


Gatewayeast’s Payment Gateway can be integrated through API, hosted with HPP, and integrated into a mobile application through SDK. The integration is pretty straightforward and smooth. However, there are no limits to the customizations of the payment gateway.



Unlike the standard customizations, Gatewayeast offers complete personalization of the payment gateway that reflects the brand image of your company.


You can have complete control of the modules to change the look according to your needs. From adding the brand name, logo, font, and colour to picking up the UI of your website, our white-label solutions are genuinely cohesive.


Our Platform Architecture is created so that all you need is a staff to manage each module of the Payment Processing Channel.

Cutting-Edge Tech Specials


There are multiple special features for you to display to the merchants. Features such as:


1. Cascading: Dynamically decides the route of payment

2. Intelligent Routing: using acquiring networks to send transactions to the most approvable channel.

3. Fraud Prevention System: 3D Security, Risk Monitoring, real-time checking of payments and various others.

4. Invoicing: a robust reporting mechanism of the payment gateway generates all the essential invoices as soon as the payment is processed.

How Do the Features Solve Your Business Purpose?


The Plan to start your own payment gateway business can be a 100% success with a White-Label Payment Gateway from Gateway East with the features you get.


Processing payment and settling it to the acquiring bank is just a part of the payment gateway. The features play the most crucial factor in it. Therefore, Gatewayeast Makes sure that your business gets the best of both worlds.


On the one hand, you have the brand image shining on the payment page, and on the other hand, you have ample opportunity to learn about the industry. It allows you to reach your target audience faster and at a much faster rate.


White-Labelling of the Payment Gateway will kick start your own payment gateway busines.


Moreover, you need to showcase the alternate payment methods as well. Thus, Gatewayeast has multiple modes of payment. Some of them are Card, MOTO, Recurring, On-Click, Payment Links, etc. more the merrier is the motto here as you are going to present these to the merchants around the globe.



This brings us to a close. White-Label Payment Gateway is a one-stop solution for your business needs. In other words, creating a payment gateway from scratch may become a huge headache for you. You have to deploy a PayTech team, invest a huge amount of time and money, get the compliances ready and search the market.


On the contrary, you can get a white-label solution to reach the step of searching the market directly. It will reduce the expert developer cost, the time investment, and various other headaches.


Last but not least, Gatewayeast has two major advantages for your business that makes us superior to other white-label payment gateway providers.


We have complete merchant assistance and a 24 x 7 technical team ready for your needs and queries. Our experts are available for you at any time of the day. We understand that a question can come up at any point. Thus, our professional team will readily solve any problem as soon as possible.


Get in touch with our expert team today to get a personalized solution for your business. Get all the customization needs to be met and all the important features right in front of you.