Launch Your New Style Business With Our Attractive Matrimonial Script
Launch Your New Style Business With Our Attractive Matrimonial Script
Matrimonial PHP Script

In recent days, Match-making is done online and there are a variety of matrimonial apps that are evolving online. Some are generalized, and some Apps are designed for a particular religion, Some serve nationally & Internationally. Right now many people around the world were showing their interest in matrimony. The need for online matrimony is increasing day by day.

Trending features of matrimonial Apps attract our vision. Professional-based online matrimonial Apps are available online. In those apps, they can choose their life partner based on their profession. (example) The doctors can choose the doctor’s bride or groom as their wish from the site.

Not only for doctors, but there are also some apps for IT professionals. Similarly, engineers, lawyers, celebrities and business persons, etc. Can choose their life partners with the same professions and their interest.

But, the question is Can we Launch a PHP Matrimonial Script with all required features?

Yes, we can launch your Online Matrimonial business with our Igniter - Matrimonial Script. Our Matrimonial PHP Script was developed with the advanced and latest technologies. The trendy swiping features make the script more attractive for users.

Based on the interest and the selected geolocation the matching profiles are listed for the users. And many more breathtaking features in our Matrimonial Script. Our Script is available on both iOS & Android Platforms.

Key Features Of Our Matrimonial Script

Multiple Sign-In / Sign-Up

Multiple users can sign-in / sign-up with their Social Media accounts, Phone numbers, Apple iD. Admin management is done with the User-friendly Admin Web panel. 

Unlimited Matches

In our Matrimonial Script users have unlimited matches when they have likes between mutual profiles.

Igniter Boost

The user’s profile can be listed in the top positions by using the Boost option. By using this option users can reach more people and increase the chances for more matches.

Super Like

The users can use the Super Like option to show more interest in a liked profile while swiping. And for the Super Liked Profiles will be highlighted with the star symbol.

Igniter Gold

Igniter Gold allows its user to match faster with boosts option, unlimited rewinds and unlimited likes, super likes per day, can see the profile all around the world.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is to update your day-to-day activities for everyone to see. This feature enables the matched one to get to know more about you.

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