5 Specialist Cleaning Solutions for the Sofa
5 Specialist Cleaning Solutions for the Sofa
Dry cleaning of a sofa with a guarantee! Cleaning sofas at home in St. Petersburg. Professionally clean sofas with a guarantee of eliminating unpleasant odors in your home. Dry cleaning of sofas with industrial equipment and effective safe reagents.

5 Specialist Cleaning Solutions for the Sofa

A great sofa set furnishes the living space well and supplies unsurpassed comfort to its users. Nevertheless, sofas need normal specialist cleaning services so as to preserve its comfort and beauty. It not merely prolongs the lifespan of the sofa, in addition, it tends to make it a healthier place to be at devoid of each of the dirt and germs. Get far more information and facts about

Steam heat extraction

Steam heat extraction utilizes higher temperature steam heat extraction technology to get rid of dust and all other unhealthy particles in the surface of your sofa. This method removes excess moisture with each other with dirt and dust, making certain that there won't be any wet or soggy right after impact. Consequently, fabric shrinkage is considerably lowered as well as the complete sofa could be cleaned in just a few hours. This method can also be a lot more financially economical as when compared with other solutions and ensures for the very best possible cleaning.


Carbonating cleaning simulates natural cleaning by Mother Nature and it ensures that the sofa is left in a just bought condition. The entire cleaning takes only 4 to 6 hours. Only a tiny amount of carbonating cleaning solutions with an effervescent effect is used, which are only a tenth of what steam cleaning calls for. Significantly less water is also essential. Millions of carbonating bubbles are little adequate to penetrate in to the fibers, removing grime and dirt. They then lift these for the surface exactly where they may be very easily wiped away. Not merely that, it leaves a protective barrier on the surface, minimizing future accumulation of dirt and grime.


Chemically safe products which are protected on all forms of fabrics like leather are used. A exclusive dry shampoo encapsulation method which successfully removes dirt and embedded particles are used and minimal drying time is essential. In truth, you can just about promptly sit down following the sofa cleaning is completed.


A foam answer is applied by hand onto the sofa and they are worked onto stains and permitted to rest to get a brief time frame. Subsequently, the area is vacuum cleaned along with the outcome is often a clean and fresh smelling sofa. Because the volume of foam may be controlled by the user, the probabilities of moisture damage are reduced and are a common decision by customers.


This is a method related to foam cleaning with no the usage of water. A chemical cleaning powder is sprinkled about the fabric and it's worked onto the stain. Following which, the powder are vacuum up as well as the result is really a clean sofa. Since no water is used within this cleaning method, it may be used on wood components and there is certainly no down time necessary for drying.

There are various unique approaches accessible on the market now plus the shoppers are spoilt for option. Depending on their price range and no matter if the cleaning is definitely an urgent one, they could pick out their preferred method and continue to utilize their beloved sofa for an even longer period of time.