Things Every Book Lover Can Relate To
Things Every Book Lover Can Relate To
The great thing about books is that everyone can find at least one book that can change their lives. This is why book lovers do everything to take out time to read no matter how busy they are!

If you love books, you might have some of these things in common with other book lovers.


1. You can never have enough books!


Have you ever heard the expression "less is more"? It does not, however, apply here. It makes no difference what type of books you choose to read or if you have enough time to read in a day. You can never have too many books. Even with tens of unread books glaring you down from the bookshelf, you can't help but check out (and eventually buy) more books to add to your never-ending list of books to read. And there's nothing wrong with it! Because we all know that we will eventually get around to reading all of our books and revisiting the majority of them - which brings me to my next point.


2. Rereading a book can be a completely different experience.


You've probably heard actors talk about how they read their scripts several times to prepare for their parts. This is because rereading can help you spot things you may have missed the first time. This is why revisiting novels results in a unique experience each time! It brings back memories of why you fell in love with the book in the first place. It transports you back to all the memories associated with that book and allows you to see things more clearly. Some novels hold a special place in our hearts, and revisiting them is just as rewarding as reading them for the first time. When you read a fictitious book, you may experience the narrative you grew to love in the past. And, if it's a non-fiction book, it reminds you of everything you've already learned. An excellent book may be read again and again, regardless of its genre.


3. Book hangovers are real.


Every now and then, we become acquainted with a book that appears out of nowhere and convinces us that we will never read another book as excellent as that one... until another makes us feel the same way. However, "moving on" from one book to the next is not as simple as it appears! That sensation of wanting to finish a book as soon as possible but still not wanting it to stop is true, and it is something that every book lover experiences at some point. And, as corny as it may seem, certain novels tend to linger on in our hearts and imaginations long after the tale has concluded. This is why it takes time to move on from an excellent book!


4. We're emotional and we know it!


This one applies to all fiction fans out there. How many times have you sobbed because the protagonists couldn't stop crying?! How often have you gushed about how lovely the "big proposal" was? How frequently have you become enraged by the antagonist's games? You are not required to inform me. I've already figured out the answers a few times. If there's one thing books have taught me about myself, I'm more emotional than I thought! And every book fan I've spoken to has had the same sentiment. Good books make you feel sorry for people who aren't even people! However, a group of incredibly well-written characters makes us fall in love with them. So, yeah, we are too emotional, and we are aware of it.


5. It's so easy to bond over books.


One of the simplest methods I've discovered to make new friends is to inquire if they read. And if they do, you can bet the topic won't be over anytime soon! What if you and that other individual share the same favorite author or book?! Then you already know you've made a new buddy! One of the finest ways to connect with others is to discuss mutual interests. And book discussions are usually long-lasting, owing to the abundance of wonderful books!



The great thing about books is that everyone can find at least one book that can change their lives. This is why book lovers do everything to take out time to read no matter how busy they are!