How to Close Cash App Account? Perfect Guide
How to Close Cash App Account? Perfect Guide
Sometimes, you just feel as if you’ve had enough of a specific payment service, and you’ll like to take a break. This is why many people like you look for ways to close their Cash App accounts.

Do you want to delete your cash app account? In this article; I will be showing you how to Close Cash App from your device.

Sometimes, you just feel as if you’ve had enough of a specific payment service, and you’ll like to take a break. This is why many people like you look for ways to close their Cash App accounts.


However, can you close your Cash App account temporarily or permanently?

Well, depending on how you define ‘close,’ it may or may not be possible.

In this piece, we’ll look at the possibilities of deactivating a Cash App account. From preventing a Cash App account from sending any notifications, to deleting the account, stakes are high that you’ll find whatever you’re looking for right here.


Can You Close a Cash App Account?

·        Not exactly. While you can delete your Cash App account to stop using the service, there is no way to temporarily close it to come back later.

·        If you are momentarily tired of Cash App, you may just have to bear with it.

·        However, some measures will help you see less of a Cash App on your devices, giving you a deserved break from the payment service for a while.


How to See Less of Cash App


·        If you want to momentarily disable your Cash App account, it could only be for one reason: to see less of Cash App.


·        If you want to see less of Cash App across your devices, you will need to disable Cash App-related notifications, or even uninstall the app from your phone.


·        Uninstalling Cash App from your phone doesn’t delete your Cash App account. Your account, as well as all the money in it, remains intact. Also, you can reinstall Cash App at any time to continue using the payment service.


·        However, it’s needless to say that this measure is about too long of a stretch. Instead of having to uninstall and reinstall the app, why not just turn off notifications.


·        Here’s how to stop getting annoying notifications from Cash App until you want to reactivate the notifications again on an Android device.




Open the Settings app on your smartphone, and navigate to ‘Notifications.’

The specific name for this option may vary depending on your smartphone or Android version.

However, it usually goes by ‘Apps and Notifications,’ ‘Notifications Manager’ or something similar. If you tinker with your phone, you should know where to find it.


From the available apps on your phone, find Cash App and turn off all notifications.

Most Android phones will give you complete control over the notifications. When you tap Cash App from the menu, you should see an option that lets you turn off all notifications on your phone.

I can’t mention specific details because all Android phones are different. Turn the toggle off, and your phone will never notify you of any Cash App activity anymore.

The processes for turning off Cash App notifications on an iPhone are slightly different. However, iPhones aren’t diverse like Android phones, so the following instructions should work for all iPhone users across the board.


Open the Settings app on your iPhone and select Notifications from the array of options.

Since iPhones aren’t as diverse as Android phones, these steps are the same for every iPhone user, as long as your software is up to date.


Scroll through your apps to find Cash App. Tap on it to manage notifications from the app.

Here, you can either choose to disable banner-style notifications, lock screen notifications, or notifications on the notification center.

Also, you can turn off the toggle before ‘Allow Notifications’ to completely disable notifications from Cash App.


How to Get Rid of Cash App

 While turning off notifications on your device might be all you need to get the desired break from Cash App, it may not be enough. Sometimes, you just need to rid your digital life of Cash App completely.

In this case, you should close your Cash App account. This way, you cut any ties you have with the payment service, and you’ll never have to deal with it again.

However, it’s worth noting that you cannot undo a Cash App account closure. Once you close your Cash App account, you cannot recover the account later.

For this reason, you must cash-out all of your money to your bank account before closing the account. Otherwise, you may lose money or even fail at closing the account.

If you also trade stocks and Bitcoin on Cash App, you’ll need to sell all your stocks too.


If you’ve completed all the preliminary processes, here is how to close a Cash App account.

1.     Open Cash App on your device and open up the profile menu. This is represented by your face if you have a profile picture set up.

2.     Select Support from the menu, scroll down and tap Something Else.

3.     Now, you can select Account Settings from the resulting menu and select Close Account. You may need to make some confirmations, after which your account will be closed.


After closing your Cash App account from your phone, you can proceed to uninstall the app from your phone.

Remember that this deactivation method is undoable. Once you Cash App closed your account, you can kiss the account goodbye.