Start the Swap with These 3 Natural Skin, Body, and Hair Care Products
Start the Swap with These 3 Natural Skin, Body, and Hair Care Products
As we transition to a new season, it might be a good time to make a few clean beauty swaps if you’re ready to ditch the harsh or potentially harmful chemicals in your conventional products. From deeply moisturizing vanilla body butter to non toxic dry shampoo, there are plenty of safe and effective products to try. You may even want to start with one item at a time.

If one of your fall goals is to switch to clean beauty products, it might be easiest to start with just a few, so the process seems less overwhelming and more budget-friendly. You could even transition to clean options as you run out of conventional items. Here are a few swaps to make in your skin, body, and hair care routines and tips for using these natural products.

Hair and Scalp Goodness: Non Toxic Dry Shampoo

If dry shampoo is one of your go-to staples, it’s one of the best product swaps you can make. Ditch the aerosol sprays filled with potentially harsh chemicals in exchange for an oil-absorbing arrowroot powder and kaolin clay formula. Your non toxic dry shampoo should freshen any hairstyle with those ingredients, plus baking soda for a boost of texture and volume. A great powder product may also contain organic essential oils with soothing and cleansing properties—and your hair will smell great!

Tips for using a powder-based dry shampoo:

• To refresh second- or third-day hair, sprinkle a natural dry shampoo onto your scalp to absorb excess oil and extend your style between washes.

• You can use it on clean hair—your hair doesn’t have to be dirty to benefit from a great dry shampoo. Simply add it to freshly styled hair to enhance your volume and texture.

• Massage the product into your hair before going to bed for the best absorption. Wake up to hair that’s refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Delicious-Smelling Ingredients: Decadent Body Butter

If conventional body lotions aren’t doing much for your dry skin, you might try a natural body butter instead. Seek out something like a deeply moisturizing vanilla body butter with a clean and simple ingredient list. High-quality ingredients that help your skin retain moisture include organic mango and shea butters, sweet almond oil, almond extract, and organic vanilla absolute for a boost of nourishment.

Tips for using natural body butters:

• A little bit of body butter goes a long way and will absorb better when applied to damp skin.

• Avoid getting water in your body butter container because a natural product may not contain preservatives, and you don’t want things growing in there.

• If your body butter gets too warm, place the product in the fridge to restore it to normal consistency. Natural products may be best if used within six months.

Give It a Try: Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

People are often nervous about trying natural deodorant because they think it won’t work or be as effective as a conventional deodorant with aluminum and other potentially harsh chemicals. Effective, safe, and organic deodorant ingredients do actually work, though. Activated coconut charcoal, fair trade coconut oil, grass-fed tallow, and essential oils are a few examples of ingredients that can keep you smelling great without irritating your skin.

Tips for using natural deodorants:

• You’re going to sweat. This is natural and normal as your body makes the switch from conventional deodorants. Less is more. You only need a few swipes with natural deodorant for all-day protection.

• Natural ingredients work differently. For example, kaolin clay and arrowroot powder in a natural deodorant absorb moisture and allow your skin to breathe as you detoxify from chemicals.

• Be patient. Follow the brand’s instructions on how to use their product because each one may be a little different.

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