Reasons Why Women Choose to have a Scarless Breast Lift
Reasons Why Women Choose to have a Scarless Breast Lift
Scarless breast lift in NYC helps correct sagging breasts, improve breast symmetry, and tighten skin with long-lasting results.

Over time, youthful, perky breasts tend to become saggy and droop. Aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy are the main factors that cause the breasts to lose their shape and sag. The best solution is breast lift surgery. However, many women hesitate when it comes to an invasive procedure that involves pain, bruising and scarring. The scarless breast lift in NYC overcomes these concerns and provides great results.

The scarless breast lift offers several advantages over the traditional breast lift, including less trauma to the breast, faster recovery, fewer visible scars, and fewer postoperative complications. It may also reduce shoulder and neck pain and provide more natural looking results.

A scarless breast lift restores mores youthful-looking breasts. The procedure reshapes and lifts the breasts to an aesthetically pleasing position – without scars. It addresses various concerns caused by sagging breasts:

·         Resolves neck/back pain: When the breasts sag, it can put great stress on the back and neck. A breast lift can eliminate this discomfort.

·         Addresses painful indentions caused by bra straps: Sagging breasts can also pull on a woman's bra, causing the straps to dig into her shoulders and cause painful indentions.

·         Comfortably participate in physical activities: Saggy breasts often prevent women from engaging in various physical activities and sports. A breast lift allows them to get back to the activities they may have avoided.

·         Eliminates skin irritation: If the breasts sag well below the breast crease, it can cause skin irritation like chafing and itchy rashes. Women who have struggled with such painful skin irritation for years report tremendous relief after a breast lift.

·         Improves the overall body profile: Sagging breasts can leave women feeling insecure and also restricted when it comes to choosing clothes. A scarless breast lift can improve the shape and position of the breasts, enhance their overall appearance, and restore their confidence.

The Procedure

The scarless breast lift is a minimally invasive procedure that helps to shape and tighten sagging breasts.  This procedure is done using BodyTite, an FDA approved device that uses Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) technology to provide natural looking results with minimal pain and downtime. It can be performed using local anesthesia. Small incisions are made at the treatment site through which radiofrequency energy is passed to liquefy subcutaneous fat, coagulate blood vessels, and tighten the skin, which allows the surgeon to sculpt the breasts to the ideal shape.

The recovery period is short compared to traditional breast lift surgery. There will be moderate swelling with and bruising, which will heal in a few weeks. Patients can get back to their normal routine soon after the procedure but avoid should strenuous activities till healing is complete.

The scarless breast lift in NYC is an excellent solution for sagging breasts. It improves breast symmetry, tightens skin and provides long lasting results. The procedure can also be combined with breast implant surgery or natural fat grafting to achieve a better outcome.