Makeup Brushes Use for Beginners: Know About Everything
Makeup Brushes Use for Beginners: Know About Everything
Today Makeup has become an important part of women's life. There is hardly a day when we do not apply any cosmetic product on our face. If you're a professional, it's less likely that you'll be using the same makeup brush for anything and everything.

If you are a makeup lover and always find it interesting to try new makeup products on your face. so this is something you should know. Eye shadow, lip blush, contour - different types of makeup require other brushes. and each brush in the makeup bag serves a specific purpose.



If not all, keep a few essential best makeup brushes in your bag for perfect application every time. Here's what you need to know about the most commonly used makeup brushes.


Top 5 Makeup Brushes for Beginners: How to Use Them



Blush Makeup Brush

Using a blush brush is a must to get those perfect red cheeks. It is a dome-shaped bristle brush with a wider head area as compared to other makeup brushes. This brush should be used in a circular motion on the apples of your cheeks to achieve a beautiful, rosy-cheeked look.




How to use:

=>Sweep over blush brush to collect powder or lipstick.

=>Highlight your cheeks in a circular motion.


 Foundation Brush


Applying foundation exclusively with a brush will give you a smooth, even, airbrushed look. A foundation brush should be angled and have dense bristles. This allows a wider spectrum of coverage to be extended to the base.

How to use:

=>Apply some liquid foundation to the back of your hand, then dip the foundation brush into it.

=>Apply it lightly on your cheekbones

=>Now, blend it in a smooth circular motion so that you apply the substance on your face, giving it a natural look.


Contouring Brush 

Contouring is the new trend right now, and if you want to jump on the trend too, you need this brush in your makeup bag. Get yourself a contouring brush that's fluffy and has angled bristles. The angled bristles of the contouring brush help lift and highlight specific areas of your face.



 How to use:

=>Swirl the brush in your contour powder.

=>Gently move the brush back and forth under your cheekbones to emphasize your natural texture

=>For a more sculpted look, reload the meeting and sweep it down your jawline and along your hairline as well.


Concealer Brush


Concealer is a must-have makeup for women. It easily hides blemishes and unwanted dark circles. While many people use their finger to apply concealer, it is best to use a concealer brush. A concealer brush is a medium-sized brush that is dome-shaped and has a tapered head and flexible bristles.

How to use:

=>Begin dipping a small, bristle brush into your cream or liquid concealer

=>Apply the product with the slant of the brush to the areas that need to be repaired

=> Cleverly hide the area with sharp strokes.

Eyeliner Brush


The Eyeliner brush has a flat head and stiff bristles. The width of the brush head should also be no wider than the tip of your index finger. No matter what type of liner you're using, the angle of the eyeliner brush helps you create precise lines.

How to Use:

=>Use the Eyeliner Brush to Apply the Product

=> Apply gently on eyelashes

=> Get well defined eye makeup



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