Miel Natural | Why Do We Need Matcha In Our Skincare?
Miel Natural | Why Do We Need Matcha In Our Skincare?
You already know that matcha, a fine powder made from whole green tea leaves, has tons of health benefits when consumed. But how about when it comes to your skincare? With 20 times the antioxidants found in blueberries, its perks aren’t limited to internal use. Safe to say, matcha is totally worth the hype.



Save your skin with the greens. Matcha is the hottest trending powder you have to include in your skincare regime.

Matcha is a fine bright green color powder coming from Japanese culture. It is popularly known as a tea but let me tell you, matcha is different from other teas available in the market. It is uniquely processed and the most Organic Ingredient you will ever find.

Matcha dried leaves are a fine powder that comes from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. It is processed organically without any chemicals, so it doesn’t lose its essence. It is packed with proper care, so its antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acid, and other properties are not lost. Matcha has ten times better antioxidant qualities than any other teas.

But how does it affect your skin? What is the use of matcha in your skin routine? 

There are hundreds of questions arising, we know. Do not worry! Here are the reasons and ways you can include matcha in your daily skincare.

Matcha is a hot and trending ingredient in the skincare world right now. Matcha has far better qualities than any other Skincare Ingredient will ever have. Without any hesitation, we say, Matcha is worth all your value, time, and energy. Matcha deserves the hype it has got. 

It is gentle and highly effective on your skin. It handles and heals your skin with utmost care providing it all the essential nutrients your skin needs.

Matcha Skin Care – The Ultimate Solution

10 problems 1 solution! That is matcha for you.

Matcha is the most powerful toner, cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer. Wondering how, right? 

Matcha is grown in shades and crushed in fine powder after the tea leaves dry. Matcha is made with the whole tea leaves and not just the upper part. As it is naturally produced, it has high levels of chlorophyll present, which remove toxins and impurities from your skin. 

Reduce Inflammation 

Matcha is highly rich in antioxidants which makes it great for quenching skin inflammation. So whether you have redness, irritated skin, acne, rashes, or even eczema- matcha heals it all. 

Prevents the signs of aging

We all know how pollution and global warming are affecting our skin. There are early signs of aging, and skin is getting damaged from outside exposure. ECCG 3 is found in matcha that fights the signs of premature aging and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. 

It helps to reduce stress and neutralize your skin balance. In addition, the caffeine present in matcha rejuvenates your skin and promotes skin cells growth for soft and firm skin.

Bright, Clear & Even Complexion

Matcha contains ingredients that promote the growth of collagen. It helps in the microcirculation of the blood in the skin, which eventually gives you clear, glowing skin. Matcha highly supports even and healthy skin complexion. 

Protection against sun damage and pollution

Matcha contains a high amount of chlorophyll and polyphenols, which has been clinically proven. It protects the skin from sun damage, fights toxins, and removes impurities from the skin. They help against environmental pollution and stress. 

Fighting hormonal imbalance and acne

Well, who can stop hormonal changes? But we can always try to reduce it. Matcha tackles your stress levels; caffeine reduces the puffiness and gives you a refreshed look. It eliminates the excess oil from the skin, resulting in less acne.

Too overwhelmed by the benefits of matcha, right? We have got more.

Do not forget to take your matcha detox. 

You can make your own matcha products or simply buy them from the stores. 

In a cup, pour 1-2 teaspoons of loose-leaf tea. (I brew a stronger cup of green tea for the face pack than I typically would.)

Allow the tea to brew for 10 minutes after covering it with water. For extracting antioxidant properties, brewing for 10 minutes seems to be the perfect spot.

You could use tea as a regular face wash once it has cooled to a safe and comfortable temperature. To provide an excellent scrubbing and antioxidant boost to my clay face masks, I’ll use this as the liquid component.

Fortunately, at Miel Natural, our experts have infused matcha in the face cleanser to get the best benefits. Hokkaido Matcha Face Cleanser is loaded with matcha, hemp, and other natural ingredients that cleanse your skin provide hydration, and rejuvenate your skin for bright, glowing skin. With other all-Natural Products, Miel natural has effortlessly helped hundreds of customers achieve their skincare & hair care goals while keeping mother nature in mind. 



Conclusion: Matcha is a great resource gifted to us by mother nature. If you’re looking to make your skin glow from the inside out with all-natural ingredients, we highly recommend using the products from Miel Natural and have a hydrated, soft & supple skin.